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Wordpress is all about publishing posts.

The most unique thing about posts is that they are displayed as a link list where posts are linked to each other in a database primarily by their time of publication. Just about every way of organizing a post in a blog, outside of categories and tags, revolves around time of publication.

Blogs are nothing but a journal that is comprised of posts listed in reverse chronological order of their posting.

On Natural Web Design archives do not duplicate the content of the home page. On this blog, the home page exists only to introduce the first few posts. With my revolutionary new navigation structure, posts are logically setup just like pages are. Even though physically in Wordpress everything is stored in database tables, all posts on this blog logically feed off of this post archive index page.

  1. Will The Google Arse-Kissers Please Shut Up?
  2. The First Step in Problem Solving
  3. Create Google Friendly URLs
  4. The Buying and Selling of Links
  5. The Importance of PageRank is Overrated
  6. Always Link To Your Home Page
  7. Link Juice is Total Bunk!
  8. Wikify Your Web site
  9. Inertia – Say It Ain't So, Google
  10. Google Sitemaps Not Needed For Blogs
  11. Optional Excerpt - The Third Meta Tag for Blogs
  12. The Honest Truth is that Validation is Pure Bunk
  13. Natural Organic Search Engine Optimization
  14. Text is King - Eye Candy Doesn't Impress Google
  15. John H. Gohde Showcases His SEO Blog
  16. Target Your Page's Main Keyword for Success
  17. Long Tail - The SEO Fallacy
  18. Blogs are Expected to Act like Blogs
  19. Ping Google With Every Post
  20. Google is a Map Maker
  21. Bots Are NOT Your Friends
  22. John H. Gohde on Helping People Help Themselves
  23. Robots Gone Wild
  24. Double-Listings Deliver a Double Knockout Punch
  25. Take Control by Managing Your Content
  26. Word Count - Getting it Right, Counts Big
  27. Categories In A Nutshell
  28. Deep Linking - How Does It Work?
  29. Pagerank Is About Counting Links
  30. Anchor Text - A Pandora's Box
  31. Gossip is What Counts in the SERPs
  32. Authority Sites Are About Branding
  33. Trackbacks Should Be Transparent
  34. Tread Softly Cause SEO is Hallowed Ground
  35. This SEO Blog Lives On for More Fun
  36. Reading Vanessa Fox on SEO Between the Lines
  37. This Blog Has A New Mission
  38. Knocking Out Double Listings
  39. New Day, A New Set of Problems
  40. Malformed Code Will Rarely Degrade Your Ranking
  41. Google Playing Hardball with Free Hosting
  42. Obsessing Over Blog Security
  43. How Secure Are Your File Transfers?
  44. Securing Your Blog 101
  45. SEO is NOT about Saving the World
  46. New Simplified Menu Structure
  47. Giving Up On The Visual Editor
  48. Source Code Snippets
  49. Optimizing Your Blog Title
  50. CSS Basics For Bloggers
  51. Offer A Print Page Option
  52. Not Indexing Specific Pages
  53. What Were They Thinking?
  54. First Line of Defense Against Comment Spam
  55. Theme Editing 101
  56. Look Who Is Watching
  57. New Blog Makeover
  58. Do Sitemaps Actually Work?
  59. Managing Your Registered Users
  60. What Version Are You Running?
  61. Using Conditionals In Your Theme Sidebars
  62. Now What! The Google 403 Forbidden Error
  63. Using NoFollow Makes A Lot of Sense
  64. Backing Up Is What Software Is For
  65. Simple Tags - A Comedy of Errors
  66. The Lowdown on Comment Spam
  67. Guarding Against Bots
  68. Keeping Evil Bots Off Your Blog
  69. Simple WordPress Security Fix
  70. One Line Or Less, Does NOT Cut It!
  71. Catching Spammers With Project Honey Pot
  72. Added Breadcrumb Navigation to Blog
  73. Technorati has become Google Junior
  74. Dumping on WordPress 2.7 is Easy
  75. 2.7 Mainly Benefits Free Blogs
  76. Confirmation that Google's Algorithms Are Buggy
  77. The Correct Name is Skin
  78. Technorati Milestone Achieved
  79. Remove Update Nag Reminders
  80. Started a New Blog as an Experiment






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