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The First Step in Problem Solving

Are you having problems with a brand new site in Google?

Age of your Web site is one basic way to classify problems with Google.

Brand New Web sites

The primary problem with new people is that they are expecting to see fantastic results overnight.

Your primary problem is that you are expecting results too fast.

While you are waiting, you should add your site to Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Then you can expect to wait at least one month for some good results to start showing up in Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Older Web sites with a Track Record

Are you having problems with your Web site in the Google search engine?

The first step in the problem solving process is to correctly classify what your problem is. If your site has been in Google for at least 6 months, and

A) Suddenly your entire site is:

  1. De-indexed
  2. Is not showing up in the top 100 SERPs
  3. A minor drop in position in the SERPs
  4. A several page drop in position in the SERPs

B) Your site needs to improve its position in the SERPs





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