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John's Plugins

John has made the move from being a complainer and a critic to that of a developer of plugins.


John H. Gohde, Plugin Developer

John has always been a dabbler in programming. His interest in programming started when he first went to college in the early seventies, by taking his first computer science class in Fortran IV programming. Over the years he has picked up enough knowledge to be dangerous in Cobol, JCL for the IBM 370 mainframe, BASIC, Turbo Pascal, Lotus 123 micros, DOS batch files, Assembler for PCs, dBase III, C, HTML, and now of course PNP.


Plugins Developed by John

This page contains the master list of WordPress plugins that have been developed or are being maintained by John H. Gohde.

A page template is being used to organized John’s list of plugins, because it is what is most likely to be seen by visitors who have managed to stumble upon his blog. Use of a special page template allows John to offer a slightly different page design that caters to supporting plugins. These series of pages will basically outline what each of his plugins does, provide a download link, explain how to install it, and so on. Most of John’s plugins are also available from the WordPress organization plugin page. Those who prefer to download plugins in ZIP format should click on the WordPress Icon. The only downloads directly available from this blog are in text format.

Each new plugin release will be announced in its own post which will cover the bug fixes, new features being added, and so on. A master list of all these plugin release posts are being maintained in the respective plugin page listed below.


Master List of Plugins

  1. WordPress Plugin Templates / Demos – Allows Novices to quickly develop a finished plugin using cut and paste techniques. As one plugin template will not cover all situations, a variety of different demos will be developed and released over time.
  2. Subpage Navigation





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