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This WordPress Blog is an exercise in creative thinking.

I am, because I blog.

It is simply a very practical way for me to implement the problem solving heuristic.

  1. Creativity requires that I first focus my attention on what I am publishing, here.
  2. It is a high tech technique that allows me to mentally escape current patterns of thinking by writing on the topic of search engine optimization (SEO) from the Natural Web Design perspective.
  3. Brainstorming on this site allows me to generate as many ideas as possible while building on the ideas of others.

The creative thinking process is all about generating new connections and ideas.

Natural Web Design

My style turns some people off, while others find it very refreshing, witty, interesting, and even funny. Since I am running several other Free WordPress blogs, the topic of this paid blog will pretty much be limited to SEO, and the technical side of Wordpress and Web sites.

My general approach to blogs is unique and is constantly evolving. I am running a number of Free WordPress blogs which pretty much limits what your options are.

Every one of my posts is a work in progress. As far as I am concerned, a post is not very much different from a page. While I am getting better at it, everyone of my posts are edited numerous times after being published.

I strongly believe that the old, tired, newsgroup, email, batch processing approach of users subscribing to a blog is dead. And, died out long ago. The new trend is to use online email. Ergo, RSS feeds and WordPress’ insistence on sending the content of WordPress blogs all over the Web as if they were nothing but an old, obsolete, newsgroup that utilizes archaic batch processing is just plain absurd, if not downright stupid. Hanging onto off-line email processing techniques is an archaic throw back to the earlier days of the Internet.But, it can have certain advantages in the SERPs depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your blog.  But, rarely would be for most blogs.

All old posts should be editable. If they are not worth editing, a post is not worth reading. And, should be deleted. If you want to read my content, then you should visit my blog online.





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