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The newest articles published, or ones with a major update, on the Natural Health Perspective Web site, listed in chronological order starting with the most recent.

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  1. Linux Zealots Are Adversely Affecting the Success of the Linux Desktop
  2. GNU/Linux - Just a Political Statement about Absolutely Nothing Important
  3. Linux Works, the Rest Is Up To You to Explore
  4. Always Keyword Stuff Intelligently
  5. This SEO Blog has a New Look
  6. Design is What Counts
  7. SEO is NOT about Saving the World
  8. New Simplified Menu Structure
  9. Giving Up On The Visual Editor
  10. Source Code Snippets
  11. Optimizing Your Blog Title
  12. CSS Basics For Bloggers
  13. Offer A Print Page Option
  14. Not Indexing Specific Pages
  15. What Were They Thinking?
  16. First Line of Defense Against Comment Spam
  17. Theme Editing 101
  18. Look Who Is Watching
  19. New Blog Makeover
  20. Do Sitemaps Actually Work?
  21. Managing Your Registered Users
  22. What Version Are You Running?
  23. Using Conditionals In Your Theme Sidebars
  24. Now What! The Google 403 Forbidden Error
  25. Using NoFollow Makes A Lot of Sense
  26. Backing Up Is What Software Is For
  27. Simple Tags - A Comedy of Errors
  28. The Lowdown on Comment Spam
  29. Guarding Against Bots
  30. Keeping Evil Bots Off Your Blog
  31. Simple WordPress Security Fix
  32. One Line Or Less, Does NOT Cut It!
  33. Catching Spammers With Project Honey Pot
  34. Added Breadcrumb Navigation to Blog
  35. Technorati has become Google Junior
  36. Dumping on WordPress 2.7 is Easy
  37. 2.7 Mainly Benefits Free Blogs
  38. Confirmation that Google's Algorithms Are Buggy
  39. The Correct Name is Skin
  40. Technorati Milestone Achieved
  41. Remove Update Nag Reminders
  42. Started a New Blog as an Experiment






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