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Confirmation that Google's Algorithms Are Buggy

Look what the dog just dug up? No, look what Google just managed to spit up totally out of the blue. Proof that Google’s algorithms are buggy.


Does Google Prefer Junk Over Posts?

John H. Gohde checked to see what was sticking in Google on his SEO blog and found a bunch of garbage snippets. John’s first impression was that Google managed to catch his blog during a recent period of development. But by checking the cache copy, he saw that they actually came from between September 16th and 22nd. Back when he experienced a temporary disaster when trying to use a plugin to change his database prefixes. These are nothing, but the same permalinks problems that originated back in September 2008.

Google was attempting to find these erroneous URLs. And, found them on a 404 Not Found page which normally would have been blocked from being indexed. The snippets are pure garbage: No Post Title with Duplicate Post Content and Descriptions.


Google’s Algorithms Are Far From Perfect

The new wrinkle in this tragedy is that something has prompted Google to make this garbage stick, totally out of the blue. Not only has this garbage inexplicably stuck, while perfectly good posts have not. They have managed to have hanged around for weeks and weeks.

John H. Gohde would like Google to know that he knows that your algorithms are not worth a hoot. No way are you going to tell John that this garbage is worth more than dozens of his fully developed posts which Google is just as inexplicably choosing to ignore.





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