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About Us

The Natural Health PerspectiveWeb site can be classified as a hobby informational Web Site operated by a single individual.

The topic of our site is natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.

Contents of About Us:

We are classified in the human-edited Open Directory Project (ODP) as a Health: Alternative: Holistic and Integrated Medicine Web Site. This is because the Natural Health Perspective describes a mainly Western outlook on holistic medicine. Our articles present alternative health information that centers around lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, attitude, and relationships.

The Natural Health Perspective is about holistic medicine.

To inform you properly About Us / About Me demands that I first write about the reason-for-being for this site. For you see, this site is more about my thoughts on health and wellness than it is about my personal life.

ThisWeb site is written, being developed, and maintained by a senior citizen. Please do NOT tell me that you cannot deal with computers or the Internet; because if I can do it, so can you.

People have often asked me, why do you bother? I would answer as follows.

Why does any Web Site exist? This site ultimately exists only because I felt like doing it. Greg Anderson, author of The 22 {Non-Negotiable} Laws of Wellness, wrote in Part Six of his book about "The Vocation Laws."[1] Greg offers as good a rationalization as any for the reason-for-being for the Natural Health Perspective Web Site.

In Chapter 16 Greg wrote: "The Law of Life Mission holds, 'If you have a purpose, you have everything' ... One of the certain signs we're living life 'on purpose' is that our labours are of such absorbing interest that they seem almost like play."[2] While I cannot claim that this site rises to the level of the sole Mission of my life, it definitely does give me something to do of both an intellectual and creative nature. This Web Site gives me a noble goal that rises above my own selfishness. It personally helps me during periods of depression. This site also aids me to clarify my own thoughts on health and wellness, in public. This site is more a reflection of my goals, than necessarily my personal health reality.

In Chapter 17 Greg wrote: "The best way we can fulfill -- in fact, the only way of fulfilling -- highest wellness potential is through service to others. ... The Law of Purpose Through Service asks that we make a habit of helping others, so that helping becomes for us a natural way of expressing compassion."[3] Other people often talk about the importance of community service. Well guess what? My Web Site allows me to serve the people of the global community known as Planet Earth. Can you say the same?

In Chapter 18 Greg wrote: "We don't 'own' anything. Not really. We may use something for a while. But we don't own it. We pass it along or discard it. ... The Law of Stewardship demands that we undertake actions with proper and high regard for other people and the next generation."[4] Unlike a printed book, the virtual real estate of a Web Site uses up very little scarce resources. Personally, I am at the age where individuals often start dealing with their own approaching mortality. I have a personal stake in extending my own lifetime. Some would call it the responsible thing to do. I might as well pass the knowledge gained by me on my own Quest for the Holy Grail along to the next generation.

Why does the Natural Health Perspective Web Site exist? It exists in order to provide an alternative health information resource on prevention and healthy lifestyles. Some Web Sites will always be run with a viewpoint hostile towards anything about alternative medicine; regardless of the evidence and regardless of the behavior of the buying public. This site exists in order to present evidence-based alternative health information that makes a lot of sense provided you have actually taken the time to study our health claims.

Remember this: I primarily did this site for me. I do not really care if you agree with me or not. This site is here, to help you along the way on your own journey. Use of it, as you may.

The mission of our site has been a success. We have gotten our information out on the web. And, real people are reading our articles. Our Web Site is in the top 3 search engines: Yahoo, Microsoft Network (MSN) / Bing, and Google. With our site having over one hundred different Web pages, a search in each of the top 3 search engines using naturalhealthperspective as the search string verifies that hundreds of Web pages are linked to our site.

We receive many favorable remarks about our Web Site, such as the following comments.

  • "Thank you for a great Web Site! It inspires without making any false claims. You tell the truth about health and fitness."
    -- M., Dec 2004
  • "Your overview of the history of healing practices is amazing! Thanks for providing such a great read!"
    -- Jonathan, May 2005
  • "Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for putting this information on the web...My wife and I are very much involved in natural health and this is the best site I've come across yet...It has everything I need to be better informed..."
    -- Brad & Anita, Nov 2005
  • "I just want to thank you profoundly. It's like a long search has ended. ... Thanks again for resolving this long-term issue for me. The maximum reasonable dosage and frequency of vitamin C is now clearly established for me, and it never has been before."
    -- Kyle, June 2007
  • "Just read about how to detoxify the body, and read your site first. Was waiting for the catch, the hidden secret, the way this was not free and good advice. But it was! Finally!! What a relief to find a Web Site that isnt into ripping people off, and just tells us like it really is. Great Web Site, will recommend it to everyone."
    -- Patrice, April 2010
  • "I work for health, wellness, and recovery in community mental health. I have really enjoyed your pages on the definitions and scope of words that describe what we do. Your resiliency/resilience is particularly helpful throughout the life span. Keep up the great work. You are spot on!"
    -- Meg, December 2010
  • "THANX ...You've totally saved my life ... :)"
    -- Jacob, November 2011
  • "Wow, I hit the jackpot here! Love this Web site ... sharing on my fitness page deliciously fit, thanks Steven for recommending this to me! Love it!
    -- Lynn, February 2012"

Most of the references to our site come from grass roots Web Sites which either have a lower Google page rank or no page rank at all. We are also in a large number of directories, free Internet encyclopedias, and in an even larger number of Usenet forums.

The most prestigious links to our site come from the education domain.

We, also, have prestigious links to our site from the government domain.

The original logo of the Natural Health Perspective Web Site was based on the famous Vitruvian Man (c. 1492), pen and ink drawing, by Leonardo da Vinci, which was named after the Roman architect Vitruvius. In his drawing, Leonardo solved a 3,000 year old problem known as squaring the circle. (My Web Site solves the problem of how to live a good life.) The Vitruvian Man illustrates Leonardo's theory that man is the measure of all things. The Vitruvian Man graphical image is often associated with medical Web Sites.

Contents of About Us / John Gohde:

The Natural Health Perspective Web Site is about my thoughts. Throughout this site I have attempted to leave the personal me out of it, as much as possible. Consequently, my Web Site has succeeded in being of the highest quality possible. I want to keep my private life, as private as possible. Yet under the principle of full disclosure, I am voluntarily releasing the following information.

  1. Who is the operator, webmaster, and provider of information and advice on this Site?
    • John Gohde
      P O Box 17,581
      Richmond, VA 23226-7581
  2. What are the credentials of the provider of information and advice on this Site?
    • All information on this site is offered by a non-medically trained individual.
    • The provider of information on this site is offering science-based information:
      • NOT medical advice;
      • that supports the biopsychosocial / mind - body model of natural health; and
      • that supports the role played by your mind in natural health.
        • The provider of information on this site has a BA degree in Psychology.
  3. What are the sources of Funding for this Site?
    1. Operating expenses are paid 100% by a single individual:
      1. John Gohde
        P O Box 17,581
        Richmond, VA 23226-7581
        1. It costs less than USA $0.004 an hour to keep the Natural Health Perspective Web Site running 24x7, 365 days a year. Or, approximately USA $35.40 a year.
        2. Linux Hosting
          1. HostMySite
            260 Chapman Road
            Suite 205
            Newark, Delaware 19702
          2. The Linux Hosting, also, covers:
            1. WHOIS Administration
            2. POP3 Email
              • Forwarding
              • Autoresponding
              • Spam filtering
          3. Web Site Statistics
            1. Very detailed webpage statistics by page views, views, and hits
            2. Numerous demographic and viewer statistics
            3. Very detailed search engine statistics
    2. The identities of commercial companies currently advertising on this Site, are:
      • Google Adsense
        Google Inc.
        1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
        Mountain View, CA 94043
        Phone: +1 650-253-0000
        Fax: +1 650-253-0001
        • Revenue generated from Google Adsense is based upon viewers clicking Google Ads rather than upon commissions earned from actual sales. In other words, actual sales are NOT required nor necessary for this site to receive revenue from Google ads.
        • Compensation is based upon a complex, dynamic formula that is constantly changing. As our participation in this program is quite new, we have yet to receive any compensation from Google.
      • Associates Program, Inc.
        Seattle, Washington, USA
        • Sales Commissions collected from, Inc. and actually paid as compensation to the operator of this site, monthly, are large enough to make this site self-supporting.
    3. The identities of commercial and non-commercial organizations currently contributing other services or material to this Site, are:
      • Web & Site Search Services
        Google, Inc.
        2400 E. Bayshore Pkwy
        Mountain View , CA 94043
      • MSN Site Search Services
        MSN Site Search
        Microsoft Corporation
        One Microsoft Way
        Redmond, WA 98052
      • Language Translation Services
        AltaVista Babel Fish Translation
        74 North Pasadena Avenue, 3rd Floor
        Pasadena, California 91103

Contents of About Us / John Gohde:

Please read our Medical Advice Disclaimer.

Please read Improving Web Site Accessibility, if you are having trouble viewing this Web page.

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