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The Natural Health Perspective is primarily interested in solving the mysteries of health. Our topic is natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.

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  1. Sitting less, moving more, reduces risk for Heart Failure - 04/15/14 - Prolonged sitting increases the risk of heart failure in men. Outside of work, men who sat for at least 5 hours everyday experienced approximately one third greater risk, versus those who sat for just two hours.
  2. Fish oil protects the brain against shrinkage - 04/10/14 - High levels of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet helps to protect the aging brain against shrinkage during your seventies, while reducing memory loss, and your risk for dementia.
  3. Living close to nature improves mental health - 04/04/14 - Spending time in nature, full of trees, birds, and green grass, will improve your mental health.
  4. Vitamin E slows progression of Alzheimer's disease - 03/23/14 - Taking high dosage vitamin E, or alpha tocopherol, slowed the progression of Alzheimer's disease by about six months or 19 percent over a two-year period.
  5. Major Cancer Risk Factors That People Should Avoid - 03/01/14 - A recent multi-country ecological study approach to cancer incidence rates confirmed the findings of the China Study, using 2008 data.
  6. Relax - The Mercury Fish Scare Is Overblown - 02/14/14 - The danger of mercury toxicity from seafood for mature adults is largely overstated. There are several different practical strategies for minimizing the neuro-toxicity of methylmercury contained in fish that the public can use.
  7. Death By Medicine - Just Say No! - 01/31/14 - Conventional Medicine is an industry that kills people with impunity, and legally gets away with it. Conventional medicine is a leading cause of death in the United States as well as in Europe.
  8. Food Paranoia Over Toxins Self-Implodes - 01/15/14 - A wellspring of paranoia over toxins found in foods cleverly repudiates its core beliefs without any of their clueless believers being all the wiser.
  9. Neatly Wrapping Up 2013 - 01/12/14 - A lot happened on the Natural Health Perspective during 2013. Thirty-six articles were published, which works out to one every 10 days.
  10. High-Dosage Iodine Preparations - 12/26/13 - High-dosage iodine preparations are one of most dangerous over-the-counter products being sold today.
  11. Implications of Iodine to the Evolution of Mankind - 12/20/13 - Ever since the agricultural revolution, farmers grew and ate food grown locally inland in iodine deficient soil. Nevertheless, even before the birth of agriculture, Humans evolved on inland levels of iodine.
  12. Supplementing With Iodine - 12/17/13 - Supplementing with iodine will always be about the health of your thyroid glands. Your thyroids will complain more than any other tissue, from too much iodine.
  13. The Iodine Story Begins With Iodized Salt - 12/13/13 - Iodized salt is not the enemy of good natural health, but rather a successful public health initiative to eliminate worldwide iodine deficiency disorders, like goiter.
  14. Eat More Nuts for a Long Life - 11/29/13 - Eating nuts, seven or more times a week reduces the death rate by 20 percent. Add plenty of nuts to your healthy diet for an extra long life.
  15. Sleep Detoxifies Your Brain - 11/02/13 - During sleep, cerebrospinal fluids were found to flush out all the neural-toxic wastes. Accordingly, sleep therapy prevents age-related dementia.
  16. Tread Lightly With Herbal Medicines - 10/23/13 - Herbal medicines are the treatment method of last resort.
  17. Herbal Products - Buyer Beware! - 10/20/13 - Herbal preparations do not have the same high quality standards usually found in vitamin and mineral supplements.
  18. Open Access Journals Are Good - 10/16/13 - Open access journals enable free access to their published research, in its entirety online.
  19. Is Vitamin A, a Vitamin D Antagonist? - 09/19/13 - Avoid supplementing with cod liver oil and other combination vitamin A and D supplements.
  20. Lowering Your Arsenic Intake from Rice - 09/17/13 - Practical and constructive tips on how to Lower Your Arsenic Intake from Rice.


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