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The Natural Health Perspective is primarily interested in solving the mysteries of health. Our topic is natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.

This Web page lists the latest articles published, or ones with a major update, on the Natural Health Perspective Web site, listed in chronological order starting with the most recent.

  1. Watching Too Much Television -- It is suggested that you should sit down at home after work no more than 2 hours a day.
  2. Why Bother With Annual Check Ups - 04/01/15 - Is an annual medical checkup worth it? Paying for annual checkups benefits mostly your physician. Visit a physician only when you are sick and cannot figure out what to do about it.
  3. YouTube Has Gone With the HTML5 Player - YouTube has officially dumped Flash in favor of their HTML5 player.
  4. Michael Savage on Boosting Natural Immunity - 11-18-14 - Michael Savage as a man of science, an ardent conservationist, and an open-minded individualist, holds some rather strong views on natural health.
  5. The Nonsense Advocated by Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT - 09/26/14 - A substantial number of articles on the Internet have been written that claim that supplementing with vitamin D does not work.
  6. Vitamin D Guinea Pig - 09/04/14 - Some Vitamin D naysayers prefer personalized forms of proof of safety, to our articles that quote research citations. Here is what has happened to the owner and operator of this site, as a vitamin D guinea pig.
  7. Daily Dosing With Vitamin D Is Recommended - 08/30/14 - GrassrootsHealth has released a new Webinar video. Daily Dosing With Vitamin D is recommended.
  8. In A Nutshell, Vitamin D Prevents Cancer - 06/05/14 - Too many people are refusing to believe that something as simple as vitamin D effectively prevents cancer. Our article clarifies what the public needs to know about vitamin D.
  9. Prostate Cancer Scare with Vitamin E and Selenium - 05/18/14 - The claim of pro-science organizations that nutritional supplements offer no known benefits, only risks, is a rather obvious tip off that the results of this research study were rigged.
  10. The Science behind vaccines causing autism is undeniable - 05/11/14 - Dr. Russell Blaylock has offered a central unifying mechanism that explains the dramatic increase in autism spectrum disorders, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and autoimmune disorders; and even psychiatric disorders that develop much later in life, such as schizophrenia.
  11. Russell Blaylock, MD opposes collectivism in American medicine - 05/08/14 - Russell Blaylock is a bona fide physician capable of independent thought who is not afraid to speak out against the current problems with regimentation and collectivism in American Medicine, as well as point out what he thinks that the data actually shows.
  12. Added Sugar Kills - 04/29/14 - Sugar is all around bad for your health. It goes way beyond being linked to obesity and diabetes. Added sugar could easily double your risk for heart disease even if you are not fat.
  13. Sitting less, moving more, reduces risk for Heart Failure - 04/15/14 - Prolonged sitting increases the risk of heart failure in men. Outside of work, men who sat for at least 5 hours everyday experienced approximately one third greater risk, versus those who sat for just two hours.
  14. Fish oil protects the brain against shrinkage - 04/10/14 - High levels of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet helps to protect the aging brain against shrinkage during your seventies, while reducing memory loss, and your risk for dementia.
  15. Living close to nature improves mental health - 04/04/14 - Spending time in nature, full of trees, birds, and green grass, will improve your mental health.
  16. Vitamin E slows progression of Alzheimer's disease - 03/23/14 - Taking high dosage vitamin E, or alpha tocopherol, slowed the progression of Alzheimer's disease by about six months or 19 percent over a two-year period.
  17. Major Cancer Risk Factors That People Should Avoid - 03/01/14 - A recent multi-country ecological study approach to cancer incidence rates confirmed the findings of the China Study, using 2008 data.
  18. Relax - The Mercury Fish Scare Is Overblown - 02/14/14 - The danger of mercury toxicity from seafood for mature adults is largely overstated. There are several different practical strategies for minimizing the neuro-toxicity of methylmercury contained in fish that the public can use.
  19. Death By Medicine - Just Say No! - 01/31/14 - Conventional Medicine is an industry that kills people with impunity, and legally gets away with it. Conventional medicine is a leading cause of death in the United States as well as in Europe.
  20. Food Paranoia Over Toxins Self-Implodes - 01/15/14 - A wellspring of paranoia over toxins found in foods cleverly repudiates its core beliefs without any of their clueless believers being all the wiser.
  21. Neatly Wrapping Up 2013 - 01/12/14 - A lot happened on the Natural Health Perspective during 2013. Thirty-six articles were published, which works out to one every 10 days.


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