Some Vitamin D naysayers prefer personalized forms of proof of safety. Vitamin D Guinea Pig

Mr. Natural Health - Vitamin D Guinea Pig 

Some Vitamin D naysayers prefer personalized forms of proof of safety, to our articles that quote research citations. Here is what has happened to the owner and operator of this site, as a vitamin D guinea pig.

Some Vitamin D naysayers prefer personalized forms of proof of safety.

The Natural Health Perspective recently received a hateful Facebook comment from a very NEGATIVE person who has obviously bought into the lies of conventional medicine hook, line, and sinker. Sadly, science people often absolutely refuse to believe that something as simple as vitamin D effectively prevents cancer.

Vitamin D supplementation is neither toxic, nor results in calcium calcification.

This comment shown immediately above has been both saved and moved in the form of a permanent image. Whether this person is just plain crazy, incredibly ignorant, a science person, or just sadly misinformed makes little difference. Vitamin D supplementation is neither toxic, nor results in calcium calcification in soft body tissues.

The Natural Health Perspective is a health rather than a medically oriented site. We obviously could care less about what individual members of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) might or might NOT have concluded, nor what specific practitioners of conventional medicine might or might NOT have concluded. The Natural Health Perspective after all likes to report on genuine scientific research that tends to support our natural health position rather than on the outright prescription medication / vaccine research fraud being routinely published in the name of science. The science behind supplementing with vitamin D being safe has already been covered ad infinitum elsewhere on this site.

While many science people would consider serum blood levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D at 20 ng/mL more than adequate, the Natural Health Perspective certainly would not.

The owner and operator of this Web site has been using himself as a human guinea pig for over three (3) years by keeping his blood levels of vitamin D well above what this site has publicly recommended.

Whether or not there is, a vitamin D revolution depends entirely upon you. Nobody is forcing anyone to supplement with vitamin D. We strongly advise everyone to discuss our recommendations with a health care professional of their choice before starting a vitamin D supplementation program of their own. The vitamin D revolution is taking place one person, at a time. Are you a member of it?

Here is what has happened to the owner and operator of this site.


Supplementing with Vitamin D

Is 5,000 IU of Vitamin D per Day, for an adult, Too Much?


The Vitamin D Experiment Begins

Just like most people, the fantastic health claims of the vitamin D advocates were not taken seriously for many years.

Then something on the Web caught his interest. While for years he had been taking 400 IU a day from cod liver oil, he started experimenting with 2,000 IU of vitamin D a day for the very first time in April 2011. It did not take him long at all to double his dosage, as well as sun himself as much as possible. Three months later, he took his first vitamin D blood test.

Genuine LabCorp blood draw tests

  1. 7/29/11 - Smart People Get Their Blood Tested - 103.0 ng/mL
  2. 1/14/12 - 25-hydroxy vitamin D - 90.8 ng/mL
  3. 8/22/13 - Vitamin D is Safe
    • Vitamin D 73.4 ng/mL
    • Serum Calcium - 9.0 mg/dL
  4. 3/28/14 - Serum 25(OH)D - 88.0 ng/mL


Then as an end point in proving that vitamin D is safe, he took six (6) different medical tests on 7/16/14 that evaluated his risks for heart disease and stroke, as well as for soft tissue calcification / blockage. They were the same tests that are so often used in published health research.

The hyperlinks shown below are PDF formatted files. They are just a sample of several dozen different ultrasound images and videos. When displayed in a browser tab you could try reducing the magnification of the PDF by entering the [Ctrl][-] keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, you could view them at 50% in a PDF file reader, and then change to full screen mode (by hitting your [F11] key). If they are displayed in a tab, then you can right click on them in order to export / save. If that still does NOT work, then you could always try using a different Web browser.

In short, he tested normal on all of these genuine medical tests. In one case, he was diagnosed with Sinus Bradycardia, or a slow heart rate / pulse; a health condition that many senior citizens would be envious of.

Genuine Hospital Technician Administered Medical Testing

  1. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Ultrasound
    • Checks for risks of your major artery in your abdomen bursting or rupturing which is called an aneurysm. Results Ultrasound
  2. Echocardiogram (ECHO) Ultrasound
    • Designed to detect enlargement of the heart, valve abnormalities, blood clots, tumors, and more. Results Ultrasound
  3. Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • Provides a picture of the heart's electrical activity, which may predict a pending heart attack, irregular rhythms, and more. Results Details
  4. Hardening of the Arteries (ASI) Test
    • Measures the flexibility or hardening of the arteries. Results
  5. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Test
    • Measures the blood circulation in the extremities. Results
  6. Stroke/Carotid Artery Ultrasound
    • Examines the carotid arteries in the neck to detect the presence of plaque, one of the leading causes of stroke. Results Ultrasound

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