Any blood test can be obtained from our blood testing service. Smart People Get Their Blood Tested

Smart People Get Their Blood Tested

The Natural Health Perspective is taking natural health into the new millennium by offering to the American public a valuable natural blood testing service.

Anybody who has ever purchased something before on the Internet should have absolutely no problems with this service.

Natural Blood Testing

I signed up for the Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy and Lipid Panel blood tests. It was very easy to register on this site. Further, I experienced absolutely no problems paying for these tests online. There is a $9.50 service service charge per order. Thus, you can save yourself some money by taking more than one blood test at a time. Believe me, there are a large number of different blood tests that should be taken periodically by anyone who takes monitoring their health status, otherwise known as listening to your body, seriously.

Next, you have to be able to print off your purchase requisition. Thus, you must have a printer connected to your computer. If you don’t happen to have a printer, then you usually can get it printed off at your local library, or even at work.

I had about 20 different local labs to choose from. I chose one lab connected to a major hospital in the area of Richmond, Virginia. Since I did NOT want to deal with the hassle of parking at a hospital, I took the local bus service on Friday morning. The GRTC Monument Avenue bus actually stopped and sat for ten minutes in front of the precise building that I needed to get to.

Blood Test Procedure

I took two Blood Tests, how about you?

I walked into Saint Mary’s Hospital without anybody hassling me. Took the elevator and got off on the third floor. The lab was located right around the corner from the elevator. Next, I signed in at the front desk, without an appointment. It was a big empty waiting area, with only two persons in front of me. When my name was called, I gave them my printed purchase requisition. The receptionist asked nothing further of me. Shortly thereafter the lab technician who eventually drew my blood called out my name. She only asked me for my date of birth, but she could have requested a picture identification card. She quickly drew my blood, one time for both tests. I did NOT feel a thing. And, she placed cotton over the tiny puncture wound in my arm. And, securely taped it down. Then she told me that I was free to go.

Since the weekend was coming up, I got my results back by email on Monday morning. Had it NOT been over a weekend, I would have gotten the results back sooner. The results were attached as a PDF file to their email, which can be easily printed out.

As far as my blood levels of vitamin D goes, I was aiming for 60 ng/ml, but overshot it at 103 ng/ml. My results were a bit of a surprise. I had waited longer than 3 months to take my first blood tests. Further, I had repeatedly sunned myself around noontime, this summer without cutting back on my supplementation.

Now, I know precisely where I stand.

I got a total cholesterol reading of 204 that, as far as I am concerned, is just about perfect. Moderately high cholesterol starts out at around 220, or even 230. Your body makes cholesterol for a reason.

My conclusion is that the reported wide variability of vitamin D tests results is mostly due to very overweight people and due to those on medication, especially cholesterol lowering drugs.These people usually require higher amounts of vitamin D supplementation. My vitamin D supplementation had a positive impact on my LDL cholesterol. When your body has moderately high cholesterol, it is basically telling you that it is starved for vitamin D. Extremely high cholesterol levels, however, would be due to a bad diet. Since I have more than enough vitamin D circulating in my blood, there is no need for my body to produce any so-called excess cholesterol.

Vitamin D did NOT raise my HDL cholesterol, however. I have taken stuff before in the past that supposedly will raise your HDL levels, but none of them have ever worked for me. Thus, this indicates that I need to work on doing more intense aerobic activities and exercise.

I found out that my vitamin D supplements were effective. For me, it was very easy to raise my blood level to the desired target range. Reportedly, NOT everybody may be so lucky. While my vitamin D levels were a bit high, there was absolutely nothing to be alarmed about. My information indicates that toxicity does NOT become a problem until your blood levels reach 350 ng/ml.

Natural blood testing is very important.

Until you take a blood test, everything that you are doing is pure speculation. Now, I know precisely where I stand. I was convinced, that I would be too low. But, I found out instead that I was on the high side. Now, I have obtained a very satisfying piece of mind knowing that I am being protected from my family history of prostate and colorectal cancer, as well as Leukemia. All disease processes in my body will soon be removed by vitamin D, as much as it is possible to do so, with those blood levels of mine.

During my next vitamin D test, I am also going to have my calcium levels tested in order to be positively sure that I am in no danger of hypercalcemia.

Natural Blood Testing is Fast!

If you do NOT have health insurance, you would be hard press to beat the blood testing prices of this service. And, if you want, you can set it up so that your doctor gets the results, too. If nothing else, my natural blood testing service produces FAST results! I have never gotten my lab results back faster, nor did I have to beg my doctor for a copy of the actual lab results. How many times has your physician merely told you his conclusion of a lab test?

Most of the other vitamin D sites are selling blood spot tests. You have to wait days for them to mail you their blood spot test kit. Then you have to prick yourself with a needle. And, mail the test kit back to them for analysis. After that you have to wait days, if not weeks, for your test results to appear. Plus, they are actually charging more money. What about your blood cholesterol levels? These others sites would be of absolutely no help to you in that reguard. Any blood test that your doctor has ordered for you in the past can be purchased from this natural blood testing service.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my test run.

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