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The Natural Health Perspective is a classical Web site on the topics of natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles. This means that we are NOT a Blog.

Web Site Help

Believe it or NOT, but the Natural Health Perspective has been organized with a great deal of thought. How our site is organized should quickly become intuitive to you. We, also, advocate our own health program, as well as two different published diets (i.e., Ideal Diet and the Modified Diet).


Home Page

Our homepage consists of a series of rows which contain either one or two boxes. Every section of the Natural Health Perspective is explicitly pointed out in its own box, which contains three of its most recent article additions, listed out.

In addition, our Latest Additions Web page, that is available at the bottom of the right-side menu sidebar on each page, lists out the last 20 article additions to our site, as well as their published on dates.


Article Development

New articles on this site develop over a period of any where from 3 days to several months. All of our articles are updated, over time, as new information becomes available. Most articles grow in size as new sections are added to them. Furthermore, they are linked to other related articles on our site, as much as possible. Thus, just because you have already skimmed through an article, does NOT mean that they need NOT ever be revisited. On the contrary, the current version of each of our articles is probably a much better read than what was first presented months ago.

Our writing style can be contrasted with most Blogs which views each of their posts as one shot wonders that are out of date as soon as they are released, are hot for just a few days, that do NOT intuitively fit into part of a bigger and logically coherent health program, and are soon forgotten, never updated, or revised over time.

Periodically over time, articles and even entire sections that do not age well or went in the wrong direction are being deleted. To date, over 35 articles have been deleted; as well as our former alternative medicine dictionary and natural health Web site directory have been.


Menu Navigation

In a classical Web site like ours, visitors are expected to find their way around using our navigation systems, which consists of four (4) different sets of menus.

We do NOT use drop down menus. Our articles are organized by major topics, most of which are physically located in their very own directory or file folder. Visitors have to go to the directory page of each of the major topics of our site, before they can find out what articles are available for reading. Visitors should be able to reach virtually every article on our site with three (3) clicks, or less, of their mouse.

Primary Menu: Page Header Menu Bar

The Natural Health Perspective has been logically divided up into different topics. Our main menu has hyperlinks shown in the bottom of our page header that link to our natural health and wellness program, as well as to the five major lifestyle factors that affect your personal health: Whole Food Diet, Vitamin Supplements, Physical Exercise, Attitude, and Resilience.

Secondary Menu: Sidebar Menu

Our sidebar menu contains links to the other important topics that are covered by our site; which consists of the Anti-Aging Therapy, Natural Health Conditions, Natural Health Editorials, Natural Health Featured Stories, Natural Juicing, Natural Health Reviews, Natural Health Tutorials, Natural Health Scams, Natural Weight Loss, and Vitamin D Revolution topics.

Third Level Menu: Legal Menu

Our page footer contains links to important legal information that is usually available on most professional quality sites, like our: Important Information, Web Site Help, Terms of Service, Frequently Asked Questions, and Copyright Information topics.

Fourth Level Menu: Slider Menu for Touch Screen Mobile Devices

Finally, a number of our articles use what is called a slider. The particular slider that this site uses has been optimized for the benefit of touch screen mobile devices.

Sliders on a desktop or notebook computer should appear as a moving series of pictures or images, thanks to javascript. But, on most mobile devices will show up as a long list of pictures. Each picture provides a big target that can be touched with a finger to connect with the corresponding article. This technique enables our site to be navigatible by most touch screen mobile devices without the use of a tiny stylist pointing device.


Blog Features

While we are NOT a Blog, we are using a Facebook social plugin on the bottom of our home page that lists ALL the new articles that have been posted on our site, in chronological order starting with the most recent. In addition, the last 3 article additions are listed on the very bottom of our home page for the benefit of those not on Facebook.

We are on both Facebook and Twitter, both of which likewise lists our newest articles in chronological order starting with the newest.


Asking Questions

To ask a question, the preferred method is to leave a public comment that asks a question at the bottom of anyone of our articles.New comments are generally checked at least once a week. Alternatively, you can send this site private email by clicking on the contact us link that is available from every one of our pages. We check our email ONLY once a week.


Searching for Information

Finally, visitors can search for information by using one of our two custom searches. The search that is available in each of our page headers is optimized for searching just our Web site for information. The search available in the body of our sidebar menu on the Web Search article has been optimized to find good information on the Internet, or Web. Google powers both of our search boxes.

Please read Improving Web Site Accessibility, if you are having trouble viewing this Web page.

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