Use juicing to supplement weak spots in your healthy whole-food diet. Natural Juicing

Natural Juicing

Try juicing raw whole-foods that will supplement weak spots in your overall nutrition.

Use juicing to supplement weak spots in your healthy whole-food diet.


Juicing Healthy Whole Foods

With juicing, you can supplement weak spots in your healthy whole-food diet, as an alternative to taking nutritional supplements.  The basic premise of any good diet is variety, balance, and moderation in what we eat. People at the Advance Level of eating a Healthy Whole Food Diet can use juicing to fill in the nutritional gaps in their diet. If you have been consistedly unable to eat enough of a certain food group, then try juicing these whole foods items instead.

Juicing delivers a high concentration of the nutrients contained in whole-foods, emulsified into a water-base for easy absorption, minus most of the fiber.

Between regularly eating homemade bread, raw almonds, and legumes you are going to be getting a high fiber diet regardless of whether you juice or not.  Thus, drinking a few nutritionally dense cocktails of freshly made juice wont kill off your hard faught efforts to eat a healthy whole food diet.

Plus, everyone can use their brains to develop creative ways of recycling the natural byproduct of juicing, pulp, into their healthy whole food diet. Add the pulp from your juicer, as filler to homemade bread, soup, and stew for example.

The Natural Health Perspective is NOT advocating juicing as a method of fasting, nor as a weight loss method. Juicing is simply a food-based alternative to taking nutritional supplements.


Juicing as an Alternative to Eating

Finally, you should view juicing as new age sick cookery for people suffering from illness or digestive problems, as well as for the elderly who are reluctant to eat or suffer from poor dental health.

Too busy to eat, then try juicing as an alternative to skipping meals.

Criteria for selecting raw produce to be juiced:

  • Scrupulously clean - whole foods with the highest known pesticide load, should be purchased from organic sources.
  • Buy relatively bulky and inexpensive raw produce that is sold by the pound, rather than by the bunch.
  • Buy raw produce that naturally contains large amounts of water.
  • Buy raw foods that target weak spots in your nutrition, such as carotenes or "greens."
  • Frees you up to buy foods that you would normally not buy over concerns that they would spoil too fast. Juicing allows you to quickly use up raw whole food leftovers before they go bad on you.
  • Allows you to utilize fruit on sale at the market, that is overripe and badly blemished.


Juicing Healthy Whole Foods

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