Making progress in your diet is more important than impressing your neighbors The All or Nothing Healthy Diet Fallacy

The All or Nothing Healthy Diet Fallacy

To listen to some people talk, they demand total "perfection" in other people's diets right out of the gate.

Good health comes from good cooking

The all or nothing fallacy sets you up for failure, every time.

Good health starts in the kitchen, rather than at the food market.

For far too many people, it is all about eating 100% organic, GMO free foods, or absolutely nothing. They always insist upon, or so it would seem, eating only all organic food. Accordingly, I always end up questioning their honesty.


All or Nothing Healthy Diet Fallacy

Good health is always a journey, rather than a destination.
  1. Beginner Level Healthy Whole Food Diet
  2. Intermediate Level Healthy Whole Food Diet
  3. Advance Level Healthy Whole Food Diet

The road to good health is NEVER about what your neighbor is doing. What your friends think that you are eating does NOT count. The only thing that matters is whether your current diet is heading in the correct direction.

The all or nothing fallacy works in absolutely nothing, especially in learning new skills. The easiest way to obtain lasting health progress is to make changes in your diet in small manageable steps. Trying to do too much all at once dooms you to failure. That concept is especially true when learning to eat healthy. You should always be sure to give your body time to adjust to a change in diet.

The only eat organic food crowd is entirely missing the basic premise of any good diet which is variety, balance, and moderation. All foods naturally contain NEGATIVES even if they are organic and GMO free. That is precisely why variety in your diet is required for good health.


Healthy Eating Begins in the Kitchen

The Natural Health Perspective advocates eating a Mediterranean style, or a Western anti-inflammatory diet. Do not fuss over what a Mediterranean diet is. It is simply the healthy version of what most Westerners would consider to be real food. It is more about what you do not eat then anything else. Rest assured that exotic foods alien to the Western food palate like sushi, algae, seaweed, chlorella, spirinella green drinks, Barley grass, fermented foods, insects, or even soy are NOT part of a Mediterranean style diet.

The Natural Health Perspective advocates breaking down working on your diet into three (3) different levels of effort: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.

At the earliest stages of learning how to eat healthy, eating organic food is NOT important. The secret factor needed to succeed on the road to good health success that is most overlooked by people is learning how to cook. Mastering your cooking skills takes time, so be patient. Never under estimate the importance of good cooking to good health.

At the beginner level, people should convince themselves about what is wrong with their current diet as they move away from eating junk food towards more healthy whole foods.

Get started improving your Nutrition at the Beginner Level.

Where to start? The recommended approach is to tackle what is easiest to change first. Beginners should start moving away from eating junk food towards more whole foods.
  1. Eat A Healthy Diet of Whole Food
  2. Eat Whole Food, NOT Junk!
  3. Start Eating Whole Food
  4. The All or Nothing Healthy Diet Fallacy
  5. No Need to Give Up Snacks

At the intermediate level, people should begin to concentrate on drastically cutting out all sugar and refined grains from their diet.

Improve your Nutrition at the Intermediate Level.

Being experienced, you can now tackle harder challenges. At the intermediate level, start working on your addiction to sugar while you continue to move away from consuming junk food towards more healthy whole foods.
  1. Sugar is NOT a Whole Food
  2. Olive Oil as Whole Food
  3. Food Faddism
  4. Healthy Beverages

Finally, having successfully given up eating all sources of junk and fast food, you will find yourselves in a good position to benefit from working on food composition or eating the right nutrients in the correct ratios.

Improve your Nutrition at the Advanced Level

Having gotten rid of your sweet tooth and STOPPED eating adulterated  Fast and Junk Food completely, you now are in a good position to concentrate on making sure that the healthy whole food that your are eating is supplying the right nutrients, in the correct ratios.
  1. Advanced Healthy Diet Guidelines
  2. Cook your food with Spice
  3. Get Carotenes from your diet
  4. Benefits of Whole-Grains

Upon approaching perfection in your healthy whole food diet, you can then start eating only organic GMO free foods.

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