Improving your nutrition by changing your diet Improving Your Nutrition

Improving Your Nutrition

Improving your nutrition is difficult, but not impossible. Starting out by immediately trying to eat a perfect diet will only result in failure. Successfully improving your nutrition takes patience. Improving your nutrition by eating a healthy diet will take between two and five years of continuous effort. Nevertheless, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Make changes in small steps

Highlights of Improving Your Nutrition:

  • Always keep in mind that the objective of a healthy diet is to end up, but not start out with, a perfect diet.
  • Any change in your diet, however small, that improves your nutrition and personal health is a step in the right direction.
  • The key to success is done by making changes in small steps.
  • Improve your nutrition by making small changes in your diet. Over time, these changes will add up and will improve your nutrition and natural health.
  • Success is having patience enough to let time take its course.

Get started improving your Nutrition at the Beginner Level.

Where to start? The recommended approach is to tackle what is easiest to change first. Beginners should start moving away from eating junk food towards more whole foods.
  1. Eat A Healthy Diet of Whole Food
  2. Eat Whole Food, NOT Junk!
  3. Start Eating Whole Food
  4. The All or Nothing Healthy Diet Fallacy
  5. No Need to Give Up Snacks

Junk foods are typically high in calories, sugar, total fat, saturated fat, and salt. One way to motivate yourself to make a change away from fast food is to sit down and figure out how much fat you are actually getting from your favorite fast food meals. Knowing the number of calories, and amount of fat and salt in the junk food that you love to eat can help you decide which fast food items make better choices for improving your nutrition. Many fast food restaurants have published the nutrient content of their menu items. You can plan a healthier diet with this information. You can even buy a book on fast food facts.



How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits

If you find yourself always eating lunch at a fast food restaurant, then start out by limiting your fast food meals to three or four a week. On the other days of the week, you should make a commitment to make a change. You can brown bag your lunch. If you have access to a microwave oven, you can eat microwave frozen meal entrees, or even try cooking your own meals from scratch. You can get a salad from a salad bar at a grocery store. You can eat at fast food restaurants that offer low fat items, such as at Subway. Alternatively, you can limit yourself to a fat budget of a total of 20 grams of fat per fast food meal. After several months of effort, cut back your fast food meals to only two a week. In time, your urge to eat fast food will disappear completely.

"It isn't what you do once in a while that's a problem; it's what you do all the time. Look at the average American diet: ice cream, butter, cheese, whole milk, all this fat. People don't realize how much of this stuff you get by the end of the day."
-- Jack LaLanne
Dennis Hughes Interviews Jack LaLanne, 2001.
The Share Guide: The Holistic Health Magazine

Another easy way to start on the road to improving your nutrition is to start by eating raw fruits as a healthy snack instead of candy, chips, and other junk foods. Here again, limit your junk food intake to three or four days a week. Eat fresh raw fruit the rest of the week. After a few months, try cutting down your snack junk food intake to only two meals a week. Before you know it, you will be able to cut junk foods out entirely.

In conclusion: you will succeed in improving your nutrition by having the patience to let your body get used to eating a healthy diet one small step at a time. Before, you know it, your lousy diet will start to look pretty darn healthy!

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