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The Natural Health Perspective offers a commonsense approach to improving your natural health. We are a one stop resource on wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, healthy lifestyles and above all else natural health.

Our 3 Most Recently Published Articles
Our 3 Most Recently Published Articles

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Natural Health and Wellness Program
Learn how to improve your natural health with our Wellness Program.

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Eating Whole Foods
Learn more about eating a healthy diet

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Nutritional Supplements
Learn more about nutritional supplements

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Physical Exercise
Use physical exercise to strengthen your body

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Learn how your mind can heal.

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Learn how to thrive, in spite of adversity.
  • Beware Of Light Pollution - Light pollution has a negative effect on your ability to sleep soundly.
  • Restorative Sleep - Obtaining restorative sleep is vital for good natural health.
  • Sleep Therapy - The are a few simple sleep strategies for getting a good night's sleep, each night.

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Learn more about natural health and the history of the wellness movement.

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The Vitamin D Revolution
Learn about the simply amazing health benefits of vitamin D.

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Anti-Aging Therapy
Promoting longevity antiaging through healthy living.

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Featured Stories
Presenting featured stories on how anyone can improve their health.

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Natural Treatments for Health Conditions
Prevention and Treatment of Health Conditions

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Natural Health Scams
Avoid these Natural Health money making schemes.

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People in Health Reviews
Commentary on personalities in the field of Alternative Health.
  • Review of Gerson Therapy - Testimonials are all over the Web that boldly claim that Gerson therapy cured what conventional medicine had given up on.

  • Denise Minger – Denise Minger alleged author of Death By Food Pyramid seems to have gone into hiding.

  • Robert Scott Bell – Robert Scott Bell spends too much time covering politics.

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Natural Weight Loss
Easy Natural Weight Loss

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Informative articles on juicing.

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Satire, commentary, & opinion pieces on natural health
Documentary Films
Great films that will both motivate and entertain.

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