Soda is bad for your health. The Truth about Soda

The Truth about Soda

Soda is NOT benign. That refreshing soda that you are drinking is a destroyer of your health, as well as promotes weight gain. No matter what you call it, soda is just plain bad for your health.

Soda is bad for your health.

Soda is Unhealthy

While the public drinks soda as if it was absolutely nothing, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, this characteristic of soda is NOT unique to the Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola companies. All nutritionally dead sodas, full of empty calories are bad for your health.


Erosion of Tooth Enamel

ALL cola drinks are especially bad for you due to their high acid content that gradually over time dissolves your teeth enamel. You should at least thoroughly rinse out your mouth with water, after drinking any drink that contains a lot of acid. Even lemons in the enamel erosion department are bad for your teeth.

No matter what you call it, soda is just plain bad for your health.

Soda in the modern world goes by many different names, including soft drinks, fizzy drinks, pop, soda pop, coke, and even fountain drinks.

Instead of reaching for that soda, just like everybody else is doing. Why don't you go for a healthy beverage? Did you know that sodas are the primary cause of weight gain in the modern world?

Recent research has discovered that diet sodas are just as bad, if not worst, for you. If your brain thinks that, you are drinking something sweet, then your physical body responds in similar ways even if you are NOT consuming authentic sugar. Women who drink at least one 20-ounce diet soda per week more than double their risk of type 2 diabetes, for example.[1] It is far better to simply break your sugar addiction now, and get it over with, so that your body can recover, before it is too late.

The Truth about ALL Soda

What the Coca-Cola Company should be saying about their products.

Coca-Cola, of course, is NOT. Instead, they just like the rest of the process and fastfood industry employs liars in professionally done advertisements to get people to consume their products. With a professionally done voice over, this 2-minute long video tells the truth about what is wrong with ALL soda drinks.

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