Sugary beverages caused most weight gain. Beverages - The Primary Cause of Weight Gain

Beverages - The Primary Cause of Weight Gain

The fastest and easiest way to lose excess weight is to STOP drinking sugary beverages with your meals.

Gulping down lots of sugary beverages causes most weight gain.

Drink Your Way to Weight Loss

Since sugary beverages, like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, is the primary cause of the obesity epidemic, then it makes a lot of sense to tackle this huge health issue first. Cutting out all sugary beverages from your diet will produce the fastest weight loss results.

Fast food establishments make most of their profit margins from selling, ever larger and larger, big sugary drinks, like 7-Eleven's Double Big Gulp. It has gotten so bad that burger joints could practically give their hamburgers away free to those who buy a drink.

For a variety of reasons, the public has become accustomed to, if NOT addicted, to their favorite soft drink. This article will explain how anyone can break the vicious cycle of gulping down, more and more of these addictive drinks every day.

Beverages Are Responsible For Most Weight Gain

The basic idea is to accustom yourself to drinking a healthy beverage instead of your favorite sugary drink. What you want ultimately to do is become accustomed to drinking something with a flavor that is NOT based upon the sweet taste of sugar.


Drink Tea To Lose Weight

Tea should be your new suggested beverage of choice.

  • You should drink a variety of different types of teas; such as black, white, green, herbal, hibiscus, and red rooibos; in order to minimize the negatives of each kind of tea.
  • White tea blends and all kinds of tea with vanilla, such as French Vanilla Tea, provide an unique flavor that requires no added sugar. Red Rooibos tea is naturally sweet without any added sugar.
  • Try adding herbs and spices (cinnamon, sprigs of fresh rosemary or oregano) to the cooking water for your tea.
  • Both fresh sprigs of mint and slices of lime blend well with the taste of unsweetened green tea. Lime does NOT have that acidic taste of lemons.

This allows your body to gradually adjust to drinking tea in the transition process to drinking healthy beverages. In the beginning, it is perfectly acceptable to start by drinking tea sweeten with sugar. Most fast food establishments call this sweet tea. It will allow your body to deal with your addiction to caffeine. More importantly, the amount of table sugar that you add to your sweet tea will be ultimately under your control. Remember that the long-term goal is to kick the soda drinking habit, which is just plain bad for your health for a large number of reasons.

Of course, you should be preparing tea to drink the first thing in the morning, at home. However, since most people acquired their bad habit of drinking soda and other sugary drinks from frequenting fast food establishments and restaurants in the first place, the ability to eat out is often a major road block to successful weight loss.

Thus, one of the first things that you should do is locate fast food establishments, and restaurants, that serve sweet tea.

Once you have finally kicked your addiction to soft drinks, soda, fizzy drinks, and other sugary beverages with sweet tea, you can gradually start reducing the amount of sugar that you use to sweeten your tea.

Drinking unsweetened tea is the key to fast, effective, and effortless weight loss.

You should locate fast food establishments, and restaurants, that serve unsweetened tea. The Subway restaurant chain is one such possibility. This will allow you to sweeten your tea, as desired, as well as try other alternatives, like adding a slice of lemon or lime. You could try carrying with you to the restaurant a tiny bottle of genuine vanilla extract to flavor your unsweetened tea.

Over a relatively short period of time, you should be able to successfully adjust to drinking 100% unsweetened tea.

Most people will be able to adjust to drinking unsweetened tea, by using these suggestions, in less than one month. Over the next few months, fat will start melting off your belly, and elsewhere, effortlessly; without forcing yourself to consciously cut back on your caloric intake or engage in any additional forced exercise programs.

Effective weight loss will never be easier than this.

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