The simply amazing health benefits of vitamin D is backed by science. The Vitamin D Revolution

The Vitamin D Revolution

Have you heard the good news about vitamin D? A revolution has been taking place in health.[1],[2] It is called vitamin D, or the closest thing that natural health has to a magic bullet cure that works on all health conditions.

The simply amazing health benefits of vitamin D is backed by science.

The Vitamin D Revolution is for real.

"Vitamin D inadequacy constitutes a largely unrecognized epidemic in many populations worldwide."[2]

While the antioxidants vitamin C and E were once considered to be miracle cures, research has turned up rather disappointing results for those vitamins. The story for vitamin D, however, is completely different. Ninety-seven percent of what scientists now know about vitamin D has been discovered by new research since 1997.[1],[2],[3] The simply amazing health benefits of vitamin D has real hardcore support behind them consisting of thousands of different health research studies. Currently, over 3,000 new health research studies are being published each year that are related to vitamin D.

Vitamin D


The Vitamin D Revolution - Prevent Cancer Deaths and More with Vitamin D

Everyone should want to supplement with vitamin D even if the only benefit was no more than preventing the common cold or flu in winter, strong bones in your old age, and fewer falls without ever breaking a hipbone. The one thing that has been extremely well established is that vitamin D builds stronger bones. When you add a dramatically reduced risk of coming down with 17 different kinds of deadly cancers and other diseases[3], what older adult would not be interested? The videos on each of these vitamin D articles alone should be enough to convince you of the value of supplementing with vitamin D.

At the extreme bottom of each article, in the references section, references are listed that support the health claims being made on the respective pages. Most of the research studies cited are available online in their entirety for FREE, and have been personally read by us. All you have to do is follow the links, to study them for yourself.

Of course, taking vitamin D everyday comes without a guarantee that you wont ever get sick again. Nevertheless, you will never find a simpler, more inexpensive, less time consuming, and easier way to improve your natural health and longevity than by taking vitamin D everyday. Taking 5,000 IU of Vitamin D a day, when purchased from eVitamins costs less than ten cents. Working on your health will NEVER get easier than this.


The Vitamin D Revolution

Are you personally experiencing the health benefits of the vitamin D revolution in your life?

The Miracle of Vitamin D

For the older person, Vitamin D supplementation provides a realistic hope of recovering from a lifetime of sunshine neglect in a relatively short period. While the younger generation conceivably could be the first to live their entire lives as nature has always intended, since the beginning of time.

  1. Vitamin D - Are You Crazy? - Try to tell people about the miracle of Vitamin D and they will act as if you are crazy. Learn how to break free from the tyranny and control over your life that conventional medicine holds over those suffering from vitamin D insufficiency.
  2. Why Vitamin D Improves Your Health - This hormone circulates in your blood and influences gene expression in virtually every cell of your body.
  3. The Vitamin D Sunshine Hypothesis - Getting lots of sunshine is every bit as important for the health of people and much of the animal kingdom as it is for plants.
    • Black vs. White Cancer Death Disparity that exists in the United States of America - Plasma vitamin D levels are substantially lower in Blacks than they are in Whites, throughout the year. Globally, it all depends upon how well your skin coloring matches up with your geographical location or latitude.
  4. The Sunshine Vitamin - What you need to know to safely synthesize vitamin D in your skin from sunshine.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Introduction to the global Health Benefits of Vitamin D - This article attempts to document everything that vitamin D does for your body.
  • In A Nutshell, Vitamin D Prevents Cancer - A number of scientists have determined that vitamin D prevents age-related cancer. Establishing a track record of daily supplementation with vitamin D-3 for at least 3-years, at 5,000 IU a day for the typical adult, is extremely critical for cancer prevention.
    1. How to Prevent Age-Related Cancer - Presents an easy to comprehend explanation as to how you can prevent breast cancer, and most other forms of age-related cancer, with simple vitamin D therapy.
    2. DINOMIT Model Of Cancer Development - Finally, there is a valid explanation as to why cancer develops in the first place. The DINOMIT Model clearly points out how vitamin D can both prevent and cure cancer.
      • DINOMIT Analysis of Breast Cancer Development - Presents a much more technical explanation on how to prevent breast cancer, for those interested in learning more about the science behind vitamin D. The DINOMIT Model Of Cancer Development says that vitamin D works on cancer by turning the E-cadherin gene back on.
  • Vitamin D Helps to Prevent Multiple Sclerosis - Discusses a research study on the effectiveness of vitamin D against Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
  • The Vitamin D Connection to Osteoporosis - Discusses how with osteoporosis, taking vitamin D is more important than supplementing with calcium. Also, includes a great two-part video on treating osteoporosis with vitamin D, calcium and magnesium.
  • Type 2 Diabetes - Discusses how every time you raise your blood levels of vitamin D by 25 nmol/L you get a 24% reduced risk after adjusting for other risk factors for diabetes.

Vitamin D Supplementation Strategies

  1. Introduction to Supplementing with Vitamin D - Takes out all of the guesswork by providing exactly what you need to know about supplementing with vitamin D.
  2. Daily Dosing With Vitamin D Is Recommended - Vitamin D-3 circulating in your blood from daily supplementation is what offers the most health benefits.
  3. Is Vitamin A, a Vitamin D Antagonist? - Do not supplement with combinations of vitamin A and D at the same time.

Is High-Dosage Vitamin D Safe?

The public should view supplementation as an easy way to restore your body to the natural blood levels of vitamin D, which mother nature had always intended.

  1. Vitamin D Therapy has gone Mainstream - The efficacy of vitamin D is now being supported by a large number of mainstream medical doctors and PhDs.
  2. Vitamin D is Safe - Discusses just how safe vitamin D is, after two years of supplementation in the upper blood range levels.
  3. Vitamin D Guinea Pig - Documents what has happened to the owner and operator of the Natural Health Perspective Web site after supplementing with high levels of vitamin D for 3 years.

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The Vitamin D Revolution Comments:


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