The DINOMIT Model depends on VDRs that promote intracellular communications and stick togetherness. Dynamite Model of Cancer

DINOMIT Model Of Cancer Development

The DINOMIT Model depends on VDRs that promote intracellular communications and stick togetherness.

The Garland brothers, Cedric and Frank, have put together a new model of age-related cancer development that explains why people 40-years-old, or older, get cancer as they age. In the DINOMIT model, the cancer life cycle is broken down into seven phases.

In July 1974, the Garland brothers attended a lecture at Johns Hopkins University where graphical cancer mortality rate maps were presented showing higher death rates for cancers in the Northern United States, approaching double the rate of the South. They both immediately suspected that vitamin D from sunshine could prevent cancer. It was that single pivotal moment in time that launched both of their lifelong careers researching vitamin D. It was a natural health historical event that is comparable to Jack LaLanne attending one of Paul Bragg's health crusades. The Garland's entire academic lives were based upon that single moment. Their DINOMIT Model Of Cancer Development, thus, is the culmination of a lifetime of research in the vitamin D field that started back in 1974.

Cedric Garland - DINOMIT Model of Cancer
Frank C. Garland - DINOMIT Model of Cancer
"The newly proposed model of cancer pathogenesis is termed the Disjunction-Initiation-Natural selection-Overgrowth-Metastasis-Involution-Transition (DINOMIT) model."

In scientific circles, there has to be a plausible physical mechanism of action that can explain the beneficial effects of any type of new therapy or treatment before it will be accepted by others in the scientific community. It is part of the philosophy of science, or one of the sacred cows of medical research.

"Ten mechanisms have been reported that account for the role of vitamin D and calcium in reducing cancer incidence and mortality. The mechanisms are:
  1. up-regulation of adherence and signaling between epithelial cells,
  2. contact inhibition of proliferation,
  3. differentiation,
  4. cell cycle stabilization,
  5. promotion of apoptosis,
  6. anti-neoangiogenesis,
  7. down-regulation of glycogen synthase kinase 3 which reduces proliferation of colorectal, prostate, and pancreatic cancers in vitro,
  8. downregulation of the canonical Wnt signaling pathway that is active in colorectal and other cancers,
  9. increased expression of DKK-1 protein, a tumor suppressor in colon cancer cells having mutations in the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway,
  10. down-regulation of DKK-4 transcription."

Despite all the press on vitamin D being all important, both your serum 25(OH)D and calcium levels have to be restored to adequate levels in order to prevent cancer. "Extracellular calcium ions are required for intercellular adherence." Next in importance would be your blood levels of selenium.

It is a Dynamite Model of Cancer!

DINOMIT Model Of Cancer Development

In this amazing study on the the new DINOMIT Model Of Age-Related Cancer Development, researchers at the UCSD School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center were able to determine that an adequate intake of vitamin D-3 and calcium would prevent 58,000 new cases of breast cancer and 49,000 new cases of colorectal cancer annually in North America. They also predicted that 75% of deaths from these cancers could be prevented with adequate intake of vitamin D-3 and calcium.

DINOMIT Model of Cancer

Vitamin D prevents age-related cancer.

At the very least, supplementation with vitamin D has been shown by research to lower the risk of age-related cancers, such as colorectal cancer. Whether or NOT "D" can likewise prevent, or even cure, childhood cancers is unknown at this time.

It is a Dynamite Model of Cancer!

The DINOMIT Model of Age-Related Cancer stresses a person's serum 25(OH)D and calcium levels, while downplaying the importance of family history.

  1. Disjunction - Inadequate serum 25(OH)D levels results in the intracelluar junction breaking down between cells resulting in a loss of intracellular communication. The cells pull apart and have a potential of being autonomous.
  2. Initiation - The newly devolved cells become more rapidly reproducing. Either the process of the reproduction of these cells at an accelerated rate results in uncorrected errors that occur during DNA replication; Or, a environmental trigger is provided by a carcinogen that results in genetic mutation variation.
  3. Natural Selection - The fastest-reproducing cancer cells soon dominate the entire tissue compartment by the process of Darwinian evolution.
  4. Overgrowth - Cancers cells multiply enough for a tumor to be clinically detectable to the point where it takes over the entire tissue compartment.
  5. Metastasis - Cancer cells begin to break through the stroma, or the connective tissue, to the rest of the organ and ultimately to the entire body when cancer cells start to migrate to other tissues, such as the brain, lungs, and liver through the lymphatic system or blood circulation. These aggressive cells enzymatically dissolve the membrane of connective tissue presumably in order to obtain needed amino acids.
  6. Involution - Malignant cells may enter a stage of slowed or arrested growth which normally occurs during the summer months when blood levels of vitamin D are naturally at their highest levels, or after optimum blood levels of have been restored.
  7. Transition - The cancer becomes a chronic condition if vitamin D and calcium are repleted to adequate levels. But, if vitamin D and calcium deficiency persist the cancer becomes an acute condition, the malignancy grows further until ultimately causing death.

Therapeutic Action of Vitamin D against Cancer

Restoring vitamin D and calcium to adequate levels is capable of reversing the degenerative process throughout the seven phase life cycle of cancerous cells and their progeny as long as the malignant cells still have an intact vitamin D receptor (VDR).

Restoring vitamin D and calcium to adequate levels reconnects the devolved cells or reestablishes intercellular tight junctions and inhibits cell mitosis or reproduction.

In a separate process, adequate levels of vitamin D strengthens your innate immune system with natural killer cells that will surround individual malignant cells and kill them.

In short, restoring vitamin D and calcium to adequate levels is capable of converting an acute health crisis into a chronic health condition that might NOT be cured, but that can at least be managed through long-term treatment.

Vitamin D treatments for cancer is complementary medicine that should always be done alongside conventional medical treatment. One can easily visualize, for example, the surgical removal of large malignant tumors being the factor that finally allows vitamin D therapy to turn the tide during the overgrowth cancer phase.


The Conventional Medicine Model of Cancer

The DINOMIT Model of Cancer hinges on all cells having vitamin D receptors (VDR) that promote intracellular communications and stick togetherness, and differs substantially from the simpler current conventional medicine's model which centers around family history and genetic mutations as the cause of cancer.

"The primary molecular action of 1,25(OH)2D is to initiate or suppress gene transcription by binding to the VDR, a member of the steroid hormone receptor superfamily of ligand-activated transcription factors."[Haussler 1998])
  1. Initiation - Stresses the inheritance of mutated genes from your parents. These genes must be expressed, or turned on, in order to be problematic. Behavioral factors and environmental triggers can help to determine whether or not the mutated gene is expressed.
  2. Overgrowth - Same as the DINOMIT Model
  3. Metastasis - Same as the DINOMIT Model

Overall review of Vitamin D for cancer prevention: a global perspective.

The research paper presentation overall was a chaotic mess as a result of the authors trying to cover multiple topics, all at the same time. And, thus, their presentation of the DINOMIT Model Of Cancer was rather confusing and hard to follow. The charts and text contradict each other in what happens during the Overgrowth and Metastasis phases. Thus, the Natural Health Perspective went with Metastasis being a process rather than a fait accompli. In addition, some material was obtained from the accompanying video.

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