An Agenda of Natural Health and Wellness An Agenda of Natural Health and Wellness

An Agenda of Natural Health and Wellness
through Healthy Living

The Natural Health Perspective is about many different things.

The topic of our site is natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.

  1. A commonsense guide is presented to prevention, achieving wellness, good natural health, and fitness.
  2. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between you and your physician. Hence, we are advocating complementary, integrative, or holistic medicine rather than alternative medicine.
  3. This site advocates de-medicalizing human experience and life's vicissitudes, as a normal part of life.[5],[6]
  4. Wellness through moderation and balance is promoted by the natural therapies of eating a Healthy Diet, taking Nutritional Supplements, Exercise & Fitness, having a healthy Attitude, and Resilience in your life.
  5. It offers proactive approaches to the prevention of lifestyle diseases through the holistic medicine of healthy living.
  6. A professional presentation of evidence-based natural health information is made on each Web page.
  7. Science-based information is presented on the mind-body connection.
  8. This Web site will convince you that poor health is the result of lifestyle choices.
  9. The holistic medicine of Healthy living and patience are used to prevent, or correct, all nutritional deficiencies and most health conditions.


An Agenda of Natural Health and Wellness

Enjoying Life as Nature Intended

Please take a close look at the picture of the happy couple in our page header. Life is NOT just about females. Nor, is life just about men. Nature intended life to revolve around the family unit. Our targeted couple, wise to the ways of the world is young in spirit, if NOT in age. The natural couple as nature intended is both happy and physically active. Our happy couple, also, reaps the benefits of the Vitamin D Revolution by regularly being out in the sunshine and fresh air.

Wellness is a complex issue. Yet through exercising your own critical thinking skills and using plain old common sense anyone can achieve wellness through prevention by making good personal health decisions.

This site presents neither quackery nor the standard hard line position of the medical establishment. Instead, you will find that the Natural Health Perspective presents a refreshing realistic perspective on what you need to do to promote wellness and improve your natural health. Our articles present alternative health and fitness information that centers around the lifestyle choices of diet, exercise, attitude, and relationships. This type of prevention is often called holistic medicine.

Natural Health and Wellness through Healthy Living

Making changes in lifestyle works!

A study in the July 9, 2001 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, published by the American Medical Association, provided the scientific proof. This study shows that populations that follow what they describe as healthy behaviors do live profoundly longer -- up to five and even ten years longer than those who do not. Most of those years are disability-free. [4]

Healthy living through healthy lifestyles offer everyone more enjoyment out of life, as well as a longer life.

"I don't care how long I live;
I just want to be LIVING while I am living!"
-- Jack LaLanne
Dennis Hughes Interviews Jack LaLanne, 2001.
The Share Guide: The Holistic Health Magazine

This Web site presents the Natural Health Perspective commonsense guide to prevention and achieving wellness. Try it. You will find that it makes sense. All you have to do is start reading and start applying it here and there to your life. Over a period of two to five years [1], [2], [3] of earnestly trying to make improvements in your own wellness through prevention, you will find that you will be a new person thanks to this simple natural health program. However, a study recently reported that it takes only nine months to reach maximum improvement for male patients with coronary heart disease undergoing a cardiac rehabilitation program of medical evaluation, prescribed exercise, cardiac risk factor modification, education, and counseling. This study is referring to one supervised exercise session a week for 38 consecutive weeks, along with an unspecified number of unsupervised weekly exercise sessions[7] and strongly suggests that regular exercise along with supervised exercise sessions can achieve maximum wellness results in as little as 9 months.

More recently in the research literature, a vitamin D revolution has taken place that has been shown to reduced your risk of coming down with 17 different kinds of deadly cancers and other lifestyle diseases. Our article on Epigenetics - Lifestyle Trumps Family History, shows that everyone can reprogram their DNA Family History as well as have profound impact upon the health of their children. Lifestyle works for one thing because at least 40 plant-based dietary components, and phytochemicals have been identified that can turn genes on and off. These substances consist of things like amino acids, ginseng extract, the carotenoid lycopene, the component curcumin of turmeric spice, pomegranate juice, and fish oil.[8]

The topic of this site is prevention and healthy lifestyles. Whether you call it healthy living, preventive health services, natural health and fitness, biological living, natural therapy, personal health and fitness, healing therapies, holistic remedies, self-care, hygienic living, natural dietetics, natural therapeutics, natural medicine, holistic medicine, or complementary and alternative medicine: Our topic is prevention and healthy lifestyles. And, we are proud to be part of the wellness movement. Prevention and healthy lifestyles have been proved to work over and over again. We are here to provide evidence-based alternative health information about prevention and healthy lifestyles.

Please read our Medical Advice Disclaimer.

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