Natural healthy is about living a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Many people are confused in the extreme about what constitutes natural health. The situation does not get any better by the health positions taken by many popular personalities in the natural health movement, like Andrew Weil.


Natural healthy is about Healthy Lifestyles

Natural health is about Healthy Lifestyles

With the correct healthy lifestyle, you will even be able to achieve very high levels of natural immunity to communicable diseases.

Unfortunately, a lot of health Web sites give their readers the impression that natural health covers everything imaginable, when it absolutely does NOT. Andrew Weil, for example, has a personal interest in Eastern Mysticism. Moreover, Dr. Weil covers those topics on his Web sites. Well that is very nice, but Andrew Weil also has a deep interest in illegal hallucinogenic drugs. Surely, the use of hallucinogens is NOT part of natural health.

Rest assured, natural health is strictly about healthy lifestyles.

"Natural health, thus, excludes all belief systems that say disease is a result of anything other than natural causes. If health, wellness, illness, and healing is held to be caused by something that cannot be physically measured or detected then it is not about natural health. This would accordingly exclude faith and psychic healing, supernatural forms of alternative medicine, and some Eastern philosophies."

Dr. Weil wrote at least three books on natural health, but he never bothered to define the term. Why? Who knows, but I strongly suspect that he preferred to keep the concept as open ended as possible, which in my opinion is helping absolutely no one.

I read those books of Andrew Weil, and from them, I was easily able to define the term: Natural Health. Not satisfied with that, I went on to develop a complete academic oriented exploration of the eight core tenants of natural health.

Genetics vs. Healthy Lifestyle


Beware of Nature Health Whackos

Many popular health sites are all over the map, which only adds to the confusion. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger for example, seems to be on top of natural health. However, if you were to listen to the Health Ranger talk for any length of time, he quickly becomes a real whack-job, IMHO. He advocates whatever is "hot" at the moment and is extremely political in his beliefs. Mike Adams literally abandoned the United States for Ecuador, at one point in his life, in order to "grow vegetables." Apparently, fearing for his life (Gee, I wonder why?); Mike moved backed to the States and finally settled in Texas.

Rest assured, natural health is NOT a religion.

"Natural health has nothing to say about the creation of life, beliefs in religion, and other worlds or dimensions other than that all health, wellness, illness, and healing can be positively affected by simple and inexpensive natural therapies."

Nor, does anybody have to move to Ecuador, or even Texas, to grow organic food as well as engage in other crazy activities in order for him or her to obtain fantastic health from the natural cure of healthy living.

Rest assured, natural health is NOT about Eastern Mysticism.

In conclusion the Eastern Mysticism of Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism - all honoring the Great Chain of Being - have absolutely nothing to do at all with natural health.

Furthermore, natural health is most certainly not about providing quick fixes that will allow those still addicted to their favorite junkfood to conveniently ignore eating a healthy diet.

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