Vitamin D status explans the black vs. white disparity in cancer death rates. Black vs. White Cancer Death Disparity

Black vs. White Cancer Death Disparity

In the year 2011, some clueless health researchers are still finding it a mystery why black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than whites.

Vitamin D status explans the black vs. white disparity in cancer death rates.

The group of medical researchers who conducted this recent study were of the opinion that black women in the States tend to be heavier than their white counterparts. Their theory was tested to see if it would explain why only 78 percent of black women survive five years after diagnosis, compared to 90 percent of white women. The results of their study found a positive relationship between obesity and breast cancer mortality in white women, but NOT in blacks.[1]

Rather than try to blame it all on racial discrimination issues, vitamin D blood serum status offers a very compelling and simple explanation for the black vs. white disparity in death rates for ALL forms of cancer.

According to the theory of evolution, human beings evolved over ten thousand years ago in equatorial Africa with black skin. As people migrated away from the equator north into Europe, they evolved lighter skin color. People with lighter skin had a survival advantage over those with black skin at these higher latitude levels because they were able to synthesis greater amounts of vitamin D from sunshine and would, thus, be more resistant to disease. The different racial groups of human beings, evolved according to Darwinianism over about ten thousand years of evolution.

Black vs. White Cancer Disparity

Thus, it can be argued that nature designed human beings with different shades of skin color that precisely corresponded to the latitude of their geographical point of origin. But, as technology evolved people where able to migrate to different geographical locations on earth much faster than they could biologically adapt to different intensities of ultraviolet-B light waves.

Thus, scientific research has revealed, for example, that black women have 18 ng/mL lower vitamin D-3 levels in Boston during the summer time than white women do.[2] The vitamin D revolution clearly has documented in hundreds of different research studies that an additional 18 ng/mL in serum blood levels results in lower death rates for all kinds of cancers and other lifestyle diseases.

Everybody should be supplementing with vitamin D daily in order to avoid getting a lifestyle disease, such as cancer.

Knowing how physicians are slow to adapt to what true science actually supports and overcome their ingrained predjuices against all forms of new ideas, it will probably be another hundred years before the Vitamin D Sunshine Hypothesis is finally accepted by conventional medicine.

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Black vs. White Cancer Death Disparity Comments:


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