Vitamin D prevents cancer, and most chronic diseases. Vitamin D - Are You Crazy?

Vitamin D - Are You Crazy?

Ever try telling people about the vitamin D miracle? In general, the public will respond, as if you were a crazy person. Seems that most people have absolutely no problem with taking extremely dangerous and deadly prescription medication, yet will balk on taking a vitamin supplement, like vitamin D.

Vitamin D prevents cancer, and most chronic diseases.

The reasons vary from person to person. Many wrongly believe that vitamin D is dangerous. Some will not take anything, unless their doctor tells them to. Others simply cannot be bothered with taking a tiny pill, once a day.

A common gripe that we often hear is: Can't you get vitamin D from the Sun? Duh! If that were true, there would not be a vitamin D problem to begin with.

Our response to the public is: Are you crazy?

We have absolutely had it, with wasting our time on these losers! Does the public honestly believe that chemotherapy treatment for cancer is some kind of a walk in the park?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! We have put a great deal of effort into trying to believe that conventional medicine is sincerely being honest with the public. Boy were we ever WRONG!

While we have up until this point, tried to maintain a rational and non-paranoid position on this site as much as possible, one can only come to one sane conclusion. The government of the United States at some level, along with the so-called scientific medical establishment, is intentionally withholding important health information from the public. Remember, that it is ALWAYS about following the money. Just like your local plumber and automobile service station, the ONLY thing that these so-called science people are interested in is extracting as much money as possible from the unsuspecting public. Them help you, for free? Do NOT be ridiculous.

Vitamin D in 5 minutes

We are convinced beyond any doubt that conventional medicine consists mostly of religious like dogma, designed to keep your physician always in control, regardless of what true science has to say. It is high time for the public to wake up! The authorities are ONLY interested in benefiting themselves. The public can be damn, as far as conventional medicine cares about informing the public about the miracle cure, called vitamin D.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone, which accounts for its widespread effect on the human body. It is known to be capable of switching on and off at least 2,000 different genes that have an important impact upon your health. Virtually every cell in the human body has a VDR, or vitamin D receptor, which is supposed to have a vitamin D molecule attached to it. Large segments of the North American population are extremely deficient in vitamin D. Ergo; the fact that sunshine synthesizes vitamin D in your skin is besides the point.

The anti-cancer properties of vitamin D, at some level, requires adequate amounts of vitamin K-2 in your diet as well as the minerals calcium, magnesium, selenium, and boron for everyone to receive its full health benefit.

In today's world, it is every man for themselves when it comes to surviving old age. Mother Nature, in the survival of the species, only needs people to survive long enough to reproduce. Our government only wants people to survive long enough to pay taxes. Do NOT kid yourselves. There is absolutely no incentive for Uncle Sam to keep you breathing, once you have started collecting social security.

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