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Looking at the top Web sites on natural health in Google; I see Natural Health Magazine, Natural News, Mother Earth News, and Mercola. Several of them are primarily NOT even about natural health.

They are publishing articles about a variety of topics in order for them to place well in Google. Mother Earth News is a rather old established subscription based magazine that originally was about homesteading. Looks like to me that they added a section on natural health merely as an after thought. Natural News offers a lot of videos and articles about politics. Natural Health Magazine is a major commercial subscription based magazine that in the eyes of many currently contains very little genuine natural health information. Mercola wants to be number one and distributes a major natural health newsletter.

Satire, commentary, & opinion pieces on natural health

In the eyes of Google at least, this relatively tiny Natural Health Perspective site is not very far behind these major contenders in the natural health field.

It is, thus, about time that the Natural Health Perspective started offering what I am actually very good at: Writing satire and commentary on articles written by other people on other natural health sites. In addition, I will be offering opinion pieces on various natural health related topics.

Why Bother With An Annual Medical Check Up?

Visiting your physician every year for an annual checkup does not keep your healthy.

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