The Aurora, Colorado tragedy has brought up many issues Midnight Movie Mania

Midnight Movie Mania

It is a sad sign of our times, that going to see a three-hour long movie that starts at midnight is seen as being perfectly normal.

The Aurora, Colorado tragedy has brought up many issues

Further, the recent Aurora, Colorado tragedy has brought up many issues that should be shocking to any normal person.

Why would any rational person want to attend a movie that starts at midnight, to begin with? It is definitely a glaring indication of the success of the commercial push towards a 24x7 lifestyle that is full of light pollution. I am sorry, but being up 24x7 should be viewed as anything, but normal. Only a crazy person would ever find avoiding natural periods of restorative sleep as being desirable.

At midnight, every normal person should find staying awake a hard task to accomplish. At that hour, you should be hard pressed to stay awake all the way through a normal 90 minute long movie, let a lone a movie that runs for 2 hours and 44 minutes.

Being thrilled by staying up all night long is a sign of immaturity. Why a child would ever consider staying up late as being fun, can only be blamed upon their upbringing given to them by their parents. Staying up all night, is a task that is very hard to accomplish the very first time, but once done becomes a curse for adults. Once being awake at 3 o'clock in the morning is viewed as being normal, a Pandora's Box is opened that can never be closed again. Adults find themselves struggling to sleep peacefully through out the night, once they view being awake early in the morning as being normal.

Next, what caring parent would even consider taking a baby, or a six year old child, to see a PG-13 movie that was rated for its extreme violent content?

While Batman has always been violent, its latest "dark" incarnation is violent in the extreme, and full of mayhem. Yes, "dark" is Hollywood code for a sick movie. The fact that bad parents throughout America are not being prosecuted for child abuse for having taken their children to see the Dark Knight Rises at midnight is a sad sign of our times.

I have absolutely no interest in watching the Dark Knight Rises (2012), let alone at midnight. Personally, I could not even bring myself to watch Batman Begins (2005) on cable all the way through, let alone to ever consider watching the entire "dark" Knight trilogy. Hollywood film producers have so corrupted the morals of the modern world that most people now sadly find these sick movies as being perfectly acceptable. Where is all this media violence going to take us as a society? Will we inevitably recreate an ancient Roman Coliseum spectacle and not even realize just how depraved such entertainment would be?

Rather than ask how the Aurora, Colorado tragedy could have happened, you should be surprised that these mass killing incidents are not more common, especially when you consider that large segments of our population are on drugs, whether legal or illegal, and are under a steady diet of junk food and extremely violent entertainment.

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