Environmental epigenetics means natural health. Environmental Epigenetics - The Hard Science of Natural Health

Environmental Epigenetics - The Hard Science
of Natural Health

As time goes by, more and more published health research is proving daily that natural health advocates were right all along.

Your Envronment, or Lifestyle, is Key to Good Health

The philosophy of natural health flies in the face of the central dogma of medicine that states that genes control life. According to both natural health, and environmental epigenetics, people are NOT the victims of their genes, but rather are the masters of their own health due to the reality that environment, and their epigenome controls the expression of genes. Everything that medicine has told you about the importance of your genes to your health, longevity, and their role in cancer and other lifestyle diseases is wrong.

Environmental epigenetics is just a fancy way of saying natural health.

If you would like to impress your more academic oriented friends then you should start throwing the terms "environmental epigenetics", and "lifestyle epigenetics," at them rather than "natural health." These lofty words are just alternate terminology that boils down to the fact that natural health works beyond any doubt based upon the reality of the epigenome that has epigenetic control of your genes.

Epigenetics is a broad scientific field that covers many different areas from inheritance, evolution, and biochemistry, to cures for cancer. Environment is just another word for lifestyle and covers everything from what foods you eat, how physically active you are, any chemical toxins that your body maybe subjected to, the amount of stress in your life, your personal beliefs, and the power of your mind to influence your health status and longevity. Adding the modifier, "environment" narrows the scope of epigenetics down to topics covered by natural health. Use of the term "lifestyle epigenetics" would make an even better fit.

Environmental Epigenetics - The Hard Science of Natural Health

How your behavior affects your health with environmental epigenetics.

Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance is just a fancy way of referring to the concept of mankind being doomed by science gone amuck, poisoning the environment with toxins, that can potentially negatively influence all future generations, when they are left unchecked by a healthy lifestyle.

If "environmental epigenetics" gets the attention of natural health non-believers then using the even more revolutionary concept of "epigenetic transgenerational inheritance" should really blow them away. Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance simply refers to the fact that everybody inherits an epigenome that regulates how their genes are expressed. Your epigenome is based upon what environment or lifestyle both your parents and grandparents experienced during their lifetime immediately prior to your birth, which of course would include what they ate. Your epigenome is just another way of saying that some people are born with a greater predisposition towards some health problems or diseases, like gaining excess weight or diabetes.

Whatever your inherited negative health predispositions may be, your lifestyle epigenome that you are gradually creating over your lifetime thanks to the hard-science of environmental epigenetics, or natural health, can overcome. Your lifestyle epigenome is what accounts for the different health outcomes experienced by genetic twins. Furthermore, it becomes an important part of the epigenome that will be inherited by your subsequent offspring.

If your lifestyle epigenome passes on to future generations, then it should be quite obvious that it would likewise directly influence your own health, in your own lifetime. Environmental epigenetics, or natural health, recommendations are designed to improve your health. In other words, good health and longevity can be developed by people over their entire lifetime. Thus, everyone has the potential to improve their health through working on their healthy lifestyles, according to the hard science of environmental epigenetics.

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