Lies and liars have pervaded every aspect of our life. A Culture of Lies & Fear Mongering

A Culture of Lies & Fear Mongering

Is November 6th, here yet?

Will you be glad, when the negative political advertisements finally come to an end, or at least until the next election?


Advertisements Are a Lie

On an intellectual level, I have always known that advertisements are there to sell me a product that I do NOT need or want. Far too many retail stores in America cannot survive without a robust Christmas season, where every one of us feels obligated to buy and give presents that no body really wants or need. Do the number of well-known celebrities who will clearly sell the public down the river, while thinking absolutely nothing of it; astound you?

A Culture of Lies

The populous is crying over the U.S. Presidential campaign ads.

The U.S. Presidential contest has been unbelievably taxing to our mental health this year. Is it just me, or has it always been like this? This year the obvious lying, rampantly going on, seems to be the worst ever. The lies of the political candidates are so pervasive and so negative that they are adversely affecting even four-year-old girls.

On the positive side, we all can see clearly just how much lying has become an accepted part of the American culture. Lies and liars have pervaded virtually every aspect of our life and political institutions. It has gotten to the point where we actually have to consider what the definition of "is," is when asking questions. Is lying too accepted in America today, for you liking? No matter who is talking, the first question that anybody should be asking is: Are they lying through their teeth?

In this age of digital photography, Hollywood movies, and their special effects even, what you see in video can no longer be taken at face value. Unless you have seen something in person, what appears to be true on film should always be considered suspect.

Now, that we finally recognized what the real threat to our health is, people should NOT be blindly trusting of anything they read, hear, and see in the media, are told by their employers, their government, and most of all spokespersons of non-profit organizations.

The American Medical Association (AMA), for example, is in it for them, NOT you! Fraudulent research is routinely published and should be seen for what it is: Propaganda that promotes the best interests of health institutions with a hidden agenda. While they claim to be looking out for you as a parental figure, all they really want to do is make obscene profits for their own people. Big Pharma wants nothing more than to create lifelong dependencies on their toxic prescription medication in as many people as possible. They cannot get rich beyond their wildest dreams, by curing disease. Pharmaceutical advertisements on television, boldly claim symptom relief, rather than cure. Pleas for cancer awareness, are just hype, to get the unsuspecting public to give them as much money as possible. Far too many non-profit organizations exist for the benefit of their upper level employees, no matter how they try to spin it.


A Culture of Fear Mongering

Next on the list of reality checks, are the countless hordes of Internet Web sites that claim to be on our side. Just like negativity and negative people, are toxic to your personal health; sites that constantly engage in fear mongering should be avoided like the plague. Warning people of danger is one thing, but surely the positive things in life count far more.

Just like with negative political campaigning, the public should always be vigilant when it comes to believing anything seen on the Net. You should always be asking, what is in it for them? What bill of goods are they trying to sell you, and why?

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