Drinking sugar-based fruit drinks can result in criminal behavior The Root Cause of Crime (Fact)

The Root Cause of Crime (Fact)

What do you suppose is the root cause of crime in America? You maybe surprised to learn that crime, at least for some criminals, has a very natural explanation that is directly related to our topic of natural health.

A very engrossing presentation made by Dr. Russell Blaylock links everyone's behavior to poor nutrition.

My simple explanation of crime, however, actually starts a lot farther back in time. Jack LaLanne as a young boy attended a health crusade with his mother that was being given by Paul Bragg which started him on the road to good health. LaLanne as you may recall claimed that he had once tried to kill his own brother because of his junk food diet. Turns out that according to Dr. Blaylock, the phenomenon of violent behavior reported by Jack is a lot more common than you might have realized.

Poor Nutrition Linked to Criminal & Violent Behavior

Seems that according to Russell Blaylock's above video presentation, America's junk food diet can in fact explain a lot of criminal and especially violent behavior due to changes in a person's blood sugar levels. For some susceptible individuals (i.e., reactive glycemic [Reactive hypoglycemia]), at least, the amount of sugar consumption in a person's diet can be scientifically linked to a person's propensity to commit criminal behavior, violent acts, and anti-social behavior. This phenomenon is the result of a junk food diet in general, but the leading source of excess sugar in the American diet is from sugar-based fruit drinks and soda according to Dr. Blaylock.

Sugar Prematurely Ages Your Brain

Beyond the issue of crime, listening to Blaylock's video presentation should motivate everyone to give up drinking sugar-based fruit drinks and especially soft drinks for a healthier beverage because the stuff according to Russell, in my own words, will rot your brain. Students will even learn how they can score higher on tests.

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