Wellspring of paranoia over toxins in foods  repudiates its core beliefs. Food Paranoia Over Toxins Self-Implodes

Food Paranoia Over Toxins Self-Implodes

A wellspring of paranoia over toxins found in foods cleverly repudiates its core beliefs without any of their clueless believers being all the wiser. Worrying about food toxins is a total waste of time.

Wellspring of paranoia over toxins in foods  repudiates its core beliefs.

The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) Forensic Food Lab along with NaturalNews has spread their so-called January 7th announcements, over numerous redundant Web pages and numerous mind numbing professionally done YouTube videos, and were able to cleverly avoid directly admitting that their core paranoid beliefs about food were wrong, all along.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in the process said many things that went all over the place. Nevertheless, by focusing exclusively on the core issues that are important to the Health and Wellness program of the Natural Health Perspective astute observers can draw some rather important conclusions of their own.

Trying to work your way through all those painfully redundant posts and articles of Mike, as well as his videos is enough to give anyone a headache. Thankfully trying to figure out the motivations of Mike Adams, The Wellness Center, and NaturalNews is unnecessary.


Most Foods Are Full Of Heavy Metal Toxins

Never live your life paranoid about things that you have no control over.

"People who are constantly paranoid about toxins in the water, toxins in their food, MSG, GMOs, Frankenstein plants, and so on have got it all wrong."
-- Enjoying Natural Health
"Being paranoid about toxins will not improve your health."
-- All Foods Contain Negatives

Without a doubt, certain health factions on the Web just love to promote their core belief that it is the toxins contained in food of all types, which are primarily responsible for ill health.

Food Paranoia Core Belief - "Many people also have health conditions which are worsened by toxic heavy metals."
-- CWC, Forensic Food Lab, Press Release

How To Eat a Fiber Rich Diet.

The Health Ranger proudly proclaims in several different places "previous assumptions about foods and food toxicity are false.” While so far, Mike has never blamed science for making these false assumptions in print, he has directly pointed his finger at science on his MRF YouTube video.

"Previous assumptions about foods and food toxicity are false. Previously, the assumption was the foods are fully broken down during digestion to release 100% of their elemental composition, but ... research shows that foods, herbs and even dietary supplements actually retain a percentage of each toxic element found in their composition."
-- CWC, Forensic Food Lab, Press Release

It is the position of the Natural Health Perspective that blaming science for this misinformation is groundless. Our article on the Bioavailability of Nutrients, which was originally published in March of 2002, documents that the science of nutrition for a very long time has not taken any such position. If anything, these false assumptions about food were held precisely by those health factions on the Web who have been responsible for promoting paranoia about the toxin content of foods.


Certified Organic Food is Full of Heavy Metal Toxins

There is simply no point in paying more for organic if there is no iron glad guarantee that the organic produce that you just bought is completely free of heavy metals and toxic elements. It is the position of the Natural Health Perspective that the organic food label is mostly just marketing hype, or hot air, which is designed to make people feel good about their food purchase.

"Currently, the FDA sets no upper limit on allowable heavy metals in foods. The USDA's certified organic program also defines no limits. Foods can be legally sold in the United States even when they contain extremely high levels of heavy metals and toxic elements." -- CWC, Forensic Food Lab, Press Release

The Forensic Food Lab conducts ongoing tests using atomic emission spectrometry analysis, or more specifically Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry on a wide ranged of processed and other foods in order to produce heavy metals lab reports.

"In general, whole, raw, unprocessed foods have been found ... to retain much higher quantities of toxic elements, while cooked, processed or refined foods have been found to retain very low quantities of toxic elements and heavy metals. The retention of toxic elements is aided by insoluble fibers as well as natural "ionic affinities" for certain elements."
-- CWC, Forensic Food Lab, Press Release

This is anything, but new information. While Mike appears at times to be dumping upon the value of eating cooked whole-foods, practically equated them to process food purchased at a grocery store, the Natural Health Perspective certainly does not. While raw foods obviously contain more fiber, a properly cooked and prepared Mediterranean meal, for example, is extremely healthy.

"Graham (1794-1851) was the first to talk about the importance of bulk matter in food, over a hundred years before the importance of dietary fiber became widely recognized by the science of nutrition."
-- How Natural Healing Developed in America

The basic premise of any healthy diet is variety, balance, and moderation in what we eat, on a regular basis. Good nutrition is obtainable without engaging in dietary extremes.

"Highlights of Detox Naturally:

  • Our detoxification systems provided by Mother Nature protect us from everyday exposure to toxins.
  • The human body will detox naturally if given enough pure water and fiber.
  • ... The body has detoxification systems that work best under conditions of regularity."
-- Detox Naturally
"VARIETY -- Variety means that we should eat a mixture of foods across the range of food groups and a mixture from within each food group.
  1. EXCESS -- Excess comes about by trying to include too much diversity in your daily diet. Variety is balanced over an entire week. Excess daily variety results in excess total caloric intake.
  2. MODERATION -- The Goal is achieving adequate biological variety. Ideally, you should eat between 20 and 30 different plant-based foods a week.
    1. To ensure an adequate intake of essential nutrients and other factors in food important for health that are currently not regarded as essential nutrients.
    2. To dilute potential adverse food factors."
-- Advanced Healthy Diet Guidelines

In conclusion, the Natural Health Perspective is glad that those responsible for promoting paranoia about the toxin content of foods have finally figured out one of the basic premises of natural health. One can only wonder what took them so long.

We at the Natural Health Perspective have always recognized the importance of eating a healthy whole-food diet that is full of fiber.

Furthermore, as fully explained in our article on Bioavailability of Nutrients, cranking out a bunch of numbers is pure madness. Get real! People are supposed to be eating home cooked meals. Human digestion is far too complex a topic for any person to tackle based upon Mike's MRF and MCC numbers. People simply have better things to do, than to live their lives paranoid about food toxins.

Do not get the Natural Health Perspective wrong. Mike and his Forensic Food Lab have accomplished a few good things, which we will be discussing in future articles. While science does support the existence of selective ion affinity binding that would only server to make the process of food digestion unbelievably complicated. Of course, if the Health Ranger could come up with a practical way of utilizing the ionic affinity binding of whole-foods to heavy metal toxins, we would have no objections.

Once again, eating high fiber foods has been a fundamental part of natural health for a very long time. Nor, did the Natural Health Perspective need a million dollars worth of lab equipment to figure out this fundamental truth about natural health. Everyone should obtain health by eating a healthy whole-diet. Do not foolishly squander your time over food paranoia nonsense.

All content posted on this article is satire, commentary, or is an opinion piece that is protected under our constitutional rights to Free Speech. Requests for correction may be submitted, for our consideration, by emailing this site.

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