Enjoying your life is the most important goal of natural health. Enjoying Natural Health

Enjoying Natural Health

A lot of people seem to be missing the entire point of good health. Above all else, you should be enjoying your life. Who wants to go through life feeling miserable? It is a given for this natural health advocate, that I absolutely refuse to live my life paranoid, about everything.

People who are constantly paranoid about toxins in the water, toxins in their food, MSG, GMOs, Frankenstein plants, and so on have got it all wrong. Worst than that, they are always complaining, depressed, and miserable.

The Natural Health Perspective has a published Natural Health and Wellness Program. Our health essential, number four, says it all.

The key to success is making changes in small steps.

There is nothing new or revolutionary about this concept. The principals of natural health are timeless. What works today in natural health, will be working tomorrow.

Good Health is NOT a destination, it is ALWAYS a journey. Just as true, your state of health is always going to be relative to your starting point, rather than to some lofty, absolute, and totally unobtainable goal. You should always be enjoying your own personal journey to good natural health. Never let critical NEGATIVE people get you down along the way on your own personal health journey.

To be blunt, you don't have to be some kind of a nut-job in order to have good health. You can occasionally indulge in your favorite foods, even if they are NOT so healthy for you; without having to feel guilty about it. Nor, do you have to do crazy stuff, like raise your own organic chickens, in order to be blessed with good health.


Are You Improving Your Health, or Getting Worst?.

Are you going uphill, or downhill, on the road to good health?

The biggest mistake people make when working on their health is trying to start out eating a perfect diet . These people are doomed to fail, and will only end up feeling miserable. As long as you are constantly changing for the better, you will be getting healthier as nature intended it.

Our healthy whole food diet program has been broken down into three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Always start improving your diet at the appropriate level. Always remember to take baby steps along the way on your own personal journey. Never try to do everything all at once.

Starting out worrying about toxins in the water, toxins in your food, MSG, GMOs, and Frankenstein plants is definitely the wrong approach to take. As long as you are changing for the better, your health will improve. Starting out eating ONLY organic is NOT necessary, nor required for good health. Long before you attempt to eat organic, you should be learning how to cook. In other words, you should be able to pick a tasty recipe out of a cookbook and then be able to prepare that meal from scratch, from natural whole food ingredients long before you attempt to eat only organic foods.

Do NOT let critical NEGATIVE people try to tell you that eating ONLY organic is healthy. That is total nonsense. Compared to eating fast food, preparing your own meals from fresh produce purchased from a local grocery store will put anyone on the road to good health.

Speaking of learning how to cook, every one should learn how to use a microwave oven properly. Microwave ovens are safe and a convenient way to cook food provided that you always cook in Pyrex glass dishes. Generally, there is little reason to nuke your food at the maximum power setting. Why NOT actually learn how to adjust the power level on a microwave oven? If you must microwave food in a plastic or paper container, be sure to always use a very low power setting and simply cook the food a longer period of time. People interested in natural health can actually enjoy themselves without being paranoid about invisible death rays.

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