What happened to Frankie Muniz, is NOT surprising. Old at Age 27?

Old at Age 27?

Recently, it has been reported in the news that child television star, and drummer for Kingsfoil, Frankie Muniz suffered a mini stroke. To which Muniz's response was, he must be getting old.

What happened to Frankie Muniz, is NOT surprising.

Why did Muniz only suffer a mini stroke, rather than a “stroke?” Frankie managed to survive his ordeal without permanently loosing his ability to speak, nor suffered any other major cognitive impairment.

It is a sad sign of our times, that the new generation of American youth is destined to be the first generation NOT to live longer than their parents.

What happened to Frankie Muniz, should surprise no one. The medical community certainly should NOT be stumped. It was NOT a random event, which only more conventional medical testing can figure out. Moreover, it certainly was NOT due to his genetics. The blame can be squarely placed on the horrible diet that Muniz has been eating most of his entire life.

While age 27 is the magic age at which far too many pop stars have died over the years, it is certainly NOT the start of old age. Nor, should experiencing a stroke be normal for anyone. Eating a healthy diet does make a difference. The sooner the public figures out that the S.A.D. state of the standard American diet is slowly killing them, the better off they are going to be.


Frankie Muniz - Star of Malcolm In The Middle

Instead of laughing it off, Frankie Muniz should cancel touring with his Kingsfoil band and immediately enroll in an inpatient vegetarian and lifestyle rehabilitation program, like those being offered by Dean Ornish, MD or John McDougall, MD.

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