Most sites on natural health do NOT know what they are talking about Ever-Wonder How Natural Health Developed?

Ever Wondered, How Natural Health Developed?

One of the biggest problems of most of the other Web sites on natural health is that they have absolutely no grasp about what they are trying to promote, nor how it had historically developed over the ages. They do NOT know the definition of natural health. Most of these sites do NOT even know who the true father of natural health is.

The Natural Health Perspective has brilliantly prepared four different time-lines concerning how interest in natural health and many other related topics had developed throughout history. We challenge anybody to find any other Web site with a better grasp of the historical background of natural health.

The History of Natural Health

  1. History of Western Natural Healing Practices in Europe
  2. How Natural Healing Developed in America
  3. History of the Mind-Body Connection
  4. History of Allopathy

While Andrew Weil, M.D. has written several popular books on natural health, he never bothered to define the term in any of them. Unlike, Weil, The Natural Health Perspective developed a short catchy definition of natural health, long ago, along with a longer more academically refined definition of the eight basic core tenets that stand behind the precise and true definition of natural health. Furthermore, our definition of natural health is currently being recognized by Google as a valid definition. In addition, a number of other Web sites have adopted our definition by way of our work on Wikipedia.

Furthermore, the creator of the Natural Health Perspective site spent a considerable amount of time writing on and otherwise promoting alternative medicine on Wikipedia. While at Wikipedia, John is credited with several significant accomplishments. He is the original founder and developer of the WikiProject on Alternative Medicine. Furthermore, John created the original version of their article on Wellness (alternative medicine). This is the first version of a wellness article that has to date successfully survived many attempts to delete and/or merge it into the Health article on Wikipedia. If that was NOT enough, John created the original version of their Glossary of alternative medicine along with five other significant lists on alternative medicine. Further, John created the original version of the portal on Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Wikipedia. In fact, he actually managed to put up a working version of this portal on Wikipedia in only one day. Again, the portal to date has survived several attempts to have it deleted.

Another bone that the Natural Health Perspective has to pick with these other kooky sites on Natural Health is that they often wrongly attribute Paul Bragg to being the father of natural health. That notion is absolutely laughable. Paul was nothing, but a well known self-promoter in the natural health movement, who was more interested in making money than in improving people's health. Just as Paul Bragg came before Jack LaLanne, somebody else obviously had to have come before Bragg who had laid the foundation for Paul's work. John Harvey Kellogg is the true father of Natural Health. In fact both Paul Bragg and Jack LaLanne stole a rather famous quote from John Kellogg. The person who originally wrote that the food you eat today, is walking and talking tomorrow originally came historically from John Harvey Kellogg, M.D.; Not Paul Bragg, nor Jack LaLanne.

Furthermore, the quackery that is often being promoted on these kooky sites on Natural Health, unbeknown to them, actually came historically from the so-called science of Allopathy. While these sites supposedly abhor everything about Allopathy, they are so clueless about what they are attacking that they are actually promoting what Allopathy, had originally promoted.

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