Food is a messy part of life, now deal with it. Life Is Messy:  Time to Grow Up

Life Is Messy: Time to Grow Up

Anybody who has ever raised a baby, or even kept a pet, knows that life is messy.

Wanting clean food, is NOT the same as getting it.

Life Is Messy

Food is a messy part of life. Now as mature adults, learn to deal with it.

Life is full of imperfections, to say the least. Nevertheless, as adults, we try to protect our children from the messy details of life that we feel young children would NOT be able to handle. As our youngsters grow up, we gradually expect them to deal more and more with reality.

In fairy tales, reality is portrayed as a dichotomy of either good or evil. As children grow into adulthood, they gradually are able to accept the fact that life is very messy. Discovering that there are no clearly black and white answers to most of life's problems is a sign of maturity. Why then are advocates of organically grown, GMO Free, food acting as if they are still in nursery school?


Organic Food Myths

Why do so many natural health advocates absolutely refuse to deal with reality? They go around pretending that their immature and naive view of food is actually going to help them obtain wellness. These immature adults assume organic foods, in an automatic, thoughtless, emotion-based response, are necessary for their good health. Is it time for these people to get real about natural health by dealing with all its imperfections? All rational adults should agree with the New York Times recent editorial entitled: The Organic Fable. The author admitted, after all, that organic farming was greener than industrial farming methods.

"The word organic — unlike other feel-good descriptions of food like 'natural' — actually means something."
-- NYT: The Organic Fable

All Foods Contain Negatives - It is a part of life. Now, as mature adults, deal with it.

What can ONLY be called unscrupulous people in the natural health movement at, have sunk to new lows, calling those in the media offering people a reality check:

Mike Adams wins our 2012 Idiot of the Year Award.

That sentiment is really too kind to express our total disdain for Michael Adams of Natural News. His article on delusional reality was shall we say completely delusional, and painful to read. Is it time for Mike to check into a local mental health facility? Will Mike Adams get even more delusional, in his next piece of published drivel?

Unfortunately, far too many reporters at Natural News are doing more than "living in fairy tale land," these unscrupulous individuals are doing the natural health movement a major disservice with their increasingly insane rhetoric.

Just like the word "natural" use of the word, "organic" by far too many in the natural health movement invokes an emotional response that automatically shuts down their brains.

On Organic Food: "It's a bunch of bull. How do you know what's really organic? Today, there's all these impurities in the water and the air. The water for the fruits and vegetables has junk in it. If you get enough vitamins and minerals out of normal food and whole grains, and you get enough proteins and exercise (that's the key) then nature builds up a tolerance to all of these things. It's survival of the fittest. You can't have everything perfect, that's impossible, but the fit survive. The fit can handle the impurities in the air and in the water, but the poor people who are sick, it really affects them more."
-- Jack LaLanne -- World Famous Juicer who lived to age 96
Dennis Hughes Interviews Jack LaLanne, 2001.
The Share Guide: The Holistic Health Magazine

In conclusion: Life is messy. It is about time for anyone interested in natural health to grow up.

P.T. Barnum once said that there is a sucker born every minute.

Wanting clean food and actually getting clean food, in a messy world, are two entirely different things. Just because you pay through the nose for "clean" organic food, does NOT automatically mean that you will actually receive clean food. As always, it is buyer beware. Anybody who tells you otherwise, is just an unscrupulous individual trying to cash in on your naivete.

The flavor in meat comes mostly from uric acid. Uric acid is just a scientific way of hiding the fact that "cow piss" is what gives red meat the flavor that is craved by so many people. Rest assured that organic red meat contains just as much "cow urine" / uric acid as factory farm cows. Thus, is organic red meat cleaner than clean? Can meat ever be clean, in a messy world? You tell me.

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