Parents are delaying vaccinations for their children. More Parents Choose To Delay Vaccinations

More Parents Choose To Delay Vaccinations

Today's parents are caught in a difficult situation, when it comes to childhood vaccinations.

Parents are delaying vaccinations for their children.

Many highly informed parents are rightfully concerned over the over-vaccination of their children. There seems to be no end to the list of recommended childhood vaccinations. Thankfully, the days when people blindly obeyed doctors' orders, without question, are over.

There seems to be a very real danger from being vaccinated these days.


Too Many Vaccinations, Too Soon

With regards to new newborns, the issue seems to be too many vaccinations, given way too soon. Home births are looking good at this point. With enough preparation, a home birth can be relatively safe. In addition, if you have a car standing by, problem cases can be quickly taken to the hospital. Home births, also, gives the mother a good opportunity to skip ALL vaccinations for their newborn.

Allowing a new born to develop their own immune system first, before being vaccinated for the first time, seems entirely reasonable to me. Next, I would skip as many vaccinations as possible. Especially, for drug addict related, and other extremely rare diseases. When vaccination cannot be avoided, vaccine shots should be given one at a time, whenever possible.

Getting sick is a normal part of childhood and is part of the normal vicissitudes of life. Children who have experienced sickness as part of their childhood are healthier in our opinion.

Vaccine Schedule - Too Much Too Soon!

Beware of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) shot!

The measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) shot appears to be particularly dangerous. Andrew Wakefield, published a research paper on it in 1998 in The Lancet health research journal which resulted in a backlash from Big Pharma and conventional medicine.

"Baram et al. (1994) describe a 22-month-old girl who presented with focal and generalized myoclonic seizures, clumsiness, falling, head drop, and right arm jerk 4 months after receiving a measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine ... The patient died of aspiration pneumonia at 25.5 months of age, 3.5 months after the onset of symptoms."[2]

"Poon et al. (1998) described a 2-year-old boy, diagnosed with HIV, presenting with generalized convulsive seizures lasting 40 minutes 9 months after receiving a measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. ... The patient died 4 months after admission from pneumonia."[2]

"Causality Conclusion

4.1: The evidence convincingly supports a causal relationship between MMR1 vaccine and measles inclusion body encephalitis in individuals with demonstrated immunodeficiencies."[2]

The number of adverse reactions listed for the MMR vaccine continues to go on and on in the National Academy of Sciences own official report. Read the entire report for yourself in the link listed under references, shown below. [2]

According to a recently published health research study[1], more than ten percent of parents currently are using some type of an alternative vaccination schedule.

According to this study:

"Of the 13% of parents who reported following an alternative vaccination schedule, most refused only certain vaccines (53%) and/or delayed some vaccines until the child was older (55%). [While] only 17% reported refusing all vaccines."[1]
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