Hidden advertisements on television are deleterious to your health. Hidden Advertisements

Hidden Advertisements

The most effective advertising being shown on television today, and in the media, are NOT the paid commercials.

In the movies, as well as on television shows that have practically become national institutions, advertisers will intentionally slip in or plug their products into the movie itself, or as props being used by the television personalities on the set.


Hidden Advertisements

What are these television personalities drinking?

American Idol - 2012

The 2012 season of American Idol started last night on FOX television. Were you subconsciously affected by the television personalities - Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson - drinking Coca-Cola on the set, throughout the broadcast? Previously on The X Factor USA, audiences were subjected to the judges on that show drinking Pepsi Cola for several months. It is almost as if Coca-Cola thinks it is deserving of equal time to brainwash the extremely gullible public into drinking their horrible product.

Advertising & Advertisements

Drinking any type of soda pop is extremely bad for your health, for a whole host of different reasons. The High-Fructose corn syrup from these types of drinks will go directly to your belly, as fat. Abdominal fat is the most deleterious form of body fat to your health, bar none. The acid in these drinks, over time, will even destroy your smile by dissolving the enamel off your teeth. By the time that you notice it, it will already be too late to do anything about it.


Visceral Abdominal Fat

Watch these types of shows long enough, and the hidden advertisements on them will unconsciously get you to associate unhealthy processed foods of all types with having fun, and as being a perfectly normal, and acceptable product to be consuming as food. Beware - you should be scrupulously avoiding drinking any type of sugary-based fruit drink or soda.

STOP drinking Coca-cola, Pepsi, and all the cola drink imitations; as well as anything remotely resembling soda or artificial fruit drinks of any type, and fat will melt off your belly in a few months, with very little effort on your part.

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