Recently, YouTube has officially dumped Flash in favor of their HTML5 player. YouTube Has Gone With the HTML5 Player

YouTube Has Gone With the HTML5 Player

Some of you may have noticed that many of the YouTube videos on the Natural Health Perspective have suddenly stopped working. For those affected, the problem is due to your current choice of Web browser.

A long time ago, the Natural Health Perspective decided to go with displaying YouTube videos versus using embedded videos from other sites. YouTube has been transitioning away from the use of FLASH based video towards use of their HTML5 player over four years. Recently, YouTube has officially dumped Flash in favor of their HTML5 player.

The use of Flash has always been problematic from the very beginning, despite some people being big fans of it. Flash videos seemingly are always crashing and can potentially lock up your Web browser and even your computer.

The FireFox Web browser is once again a major headache or offender. While there are a number of FireFox plugins, none of them appear to fix the Flash / HTML5 player problem.

Suggested Web Browsers That Work With HTML5 Players

All Chrome based Web browsers currently are known to work with HTML5 Players. This means using either Google Chrome directly or the latest version of a more privacy friendly derivative, such as Comodo Dragon for Windows, Chromium, and Opera. The Chromium browser is available in a version that works with Microsoft Windows.

The Natural Health Perspective does not use 100% HTML5 coding, but it has used the same correct YouTube coding for their embedded videos for the last three years. Currently, the Flash situation has gone from bad to worst. Many of the most popular Web browsers have yet to switch over from their use of a Flash player. With FireFox being the worst offender that can be consistently inconsistent in how it renders YouTube videos; working one day and failing to work the very next. The only way to tell what your current browser situation is to mouse-over a YouTube Video on the Natural Health Perspective site and click your right mouse button. It should say HTML5 Player. If it says Flash, then your choice of Web browser is potentially incompatible with the best viewing experience of YouTube videos.

Thus, since we have absolutely no plans on dropping our use of YouTube videos your choices are either to ignore the fact that many of our YouTube videos will not play all the time, or at least to temporally switch over to using one of the above-suggested Web browsers. Since HTML5 players are here to stay and YouTube is definitely a major player, all of the major Web browsers should eventually end up correcting this problem, of theirs. The Natural Health Perspective is coded correctly and works quite well in any one of the above suggested Web browsers.

Please read Improving Web Site Accessibility, if you are having trouble viewing this Web page.

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