Russell Blaylock speaks out against the current problems with regimentation and collectivism in American Medicine Russell Blaylock, MD opposes collectivism in American medicine

Russell Blaylock, MD - The people's champion
who openly opposes
collectivism in American medicine

Russell Blaylock speaks out against the current problems with regimentation and collectivism in American Medicine

Russell L. Blaylock is a bona fide physician capable of independent thought who is not afraid to speak out against the current problems with regimentation and collectivism in American Medicine, as well as point out what he thinks that the data actually shows.

In Russell Blaylock, we see the case of a genuine MD, who was a practicing brain surgeon for approximately 25 years. In addition to his neurosurgery he, also, operated a nutritional practice. Further, Blaylock has written at least 20 scientific papers that were published in peer-reviewed journals on a number of different topics.

As a lecturer, Russell Blaylock comes across as believable and his academic oriented presentations compare favorably with vitaminDaction's Webinars and UCTV's medically oriented presentations. His YouTube channel offers videos covering Alzheimer's disease, autism, brain health, excitotoxins, fluoride, GMOs, immunoexcitotoxicity, MSG, natural strategies for cancer patients, neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopment in babies, Obamacare, and the dangers of vaccines and vaccinations. A number of other YouTube channels, also, offer video presentations made by Dr. Russell Blaylock.

In the case of this MD it is interesting to note that so-called pro science organizations, like Wikipedia and the Skeptics Dictionary, will turn on its own and ostracize anyone, like Dr. Blaylock, who does NOT tow the conventional medicine company line, hook, line, and sinker. This phenomena indicates to the Natural Health Perspective that it does not matter how science credentialed a person maybe, outsiders wont be accepted as a member of the science club unless they are either completely ignorant about natural health or are an absolutely horrible psychopathic excuse for a human being.

Dr. Russell Blaylock on Neurological Threats

In at least one article written by Dr. Russell Blaylock we get a glimpse of the horror story currently facing today's physicians who are trying to treat the patient standing before them individually; in face of the unbelievable restrictions placed upon them through the regimentation of American medicine that is being enforced by our government, insurance companies, threats of losing their license to practices medicine, and legal requirements to use only sanctioned protocols that have been dictated to them by the medical elite; while millions of patients die needlessly while effective treatments wait forever to be officially approved.

"Today ... treatments are not to be used, despite demonstrated usefulness or even their ability to save lives, until we have a scientific explanation as to how it works and proof-positive double-blind, placebo controlled studies proving that it is efficacious. I would wager to say that millions are dying every year because of this worship of the scientific method and imagined scientific purity."

In "the mindset of the elite in medicine ... nothing is true until 'our' science says it is true. The bodies continue to pile up while we are told to wait patiently for their anointed approval to magically appear."

"I have heard a number of doctors remark - how can you argue with the science? Scientific pronouncements have become the final arbiter of all disputes, the court of last resort if you will. This is because of the preconceived idea that science deals purely in 'facts', not opinions. Yet, anyone familiar with scientists, know this just isn't true. Subjectivity flows though most of science, and could not be otherwise, since human beings are doing the science. A number of subconscious prejudices infiltrate their way into even the most honest and forthright of the scientists."

"With the idea of 'evidence-based medicine' being the final word, dissenting doctors are treated as charlatans and as a danger to society. Likewise, the very name-'evidence-based medicine'-implies that dissenting viewpoints are not based on the evidence. What we often see is the refusal to accept the evidence of those outside the orthodoxy, no matter how strong. With the elite controlling the definition of what constitutes 'evidence,' their intellectual competitors find themselves in an untenable position often expressed as -heads, I win; tails, you loose."

"The disaster that can result from forced regimentation of [medical] treatment methods becomes evident when we witness the millions of children who have been harmed by the vaccine program. Literally millions have been affected by an antiquated vaccine policy that in no way is based on any scientific principle, study or examination of the data. Political and financial influence are driving the program and not the health and well being of our population. It is also a study in collectivist thinking, since they reply to criticism by saying -certainly some children are harmed by the vaccines, but we are averting an epidemic disaster."

"To the collectivist, there is no problem, since they are focused only on their objective -that is, 'to protect the masses', which endorses the idea that the 'end justifies the means'. The individual is subject to being sacrificed to the 'plan' and is really not an object of their concern."

Russell Blaylock, MD, Regimentation in Medicine and the Death of Creativity


Books Written by Blaylock

One should never forget that Dr. Russell Blaylock is running a big money making operation on the Web. Just like many physicians, he is selling his own brand of nutritional supplements. Accordingly, many of his presentations promoting various kinds of supplements should to be taken with a grain of salt. Nor does the Natural Health Perspective indorse all of his presentations, such as conspiracy theories on nanoparticles of aluminum being released in chemtrails.

Russell L. Blaylock, MD is operating several different Web sites and is on the Social Media. See the extreme bottom of this article for hyperlinks to many of his sites.

All content posted on this article is satire, commentary, or is an opinion piece that is protected under our constitutional rights to Free Speech. Requests for correction may be submitted, for our consideration, by emailing this site.
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