Great films that will both motivate and entertain. Documentary Films

Documentary Films

A collection of great documentaries on health related topics presented their in a serious and compelling manner that will motivate people to work on their health, while entertaining their audience.

Our offering of films is currently available for FREE online viewing.

These films, many of which are award winning, are a great source of inspiration to turn to when you find that your motivation to work on your personal health is waning. The value of a good film for motivating the best out of people should never be underestimated.

Our selections of films make compelling arguments from a number of different angles, which will make your health goals easier to accomplish and follow through on. Anytime that you find yourself down in the dumps or are bored with the current lineup of cable television programming, you will now have healthier entertainment options to choose from. Over time, our collection of approved films will get even bigger.

In some cases, these full length films are available for free only for a limited time.

The Natural Health Perspective has viewed all of these films and they have passed our approval process. While no guarantee is being made that 100% of their content is correct in all respects, their overall health message was found to be appropriate. A number of documentaries have NOT passed our review. A few were rejected for suddenly changing their topic at the very last minute, for example.

If once the respective film page has finally loaded, and you still do NOT see a functioning video then you must reload, or refresh the respective Web page. You can expand the picture to full-screen size by clicking on the icon in the lower right hand corner of the video player. Clicking the adjoining circular icon allows you to experiment with changing different settings. Try clicking your right mouse button while hovering over the video for even more options. If your connection speed is too slow for continuous play, then occasionally pausing the film usually helps. In addition, you might try lowering the picture quality from the default high setting.

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Is participating in Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns actually accomplishing anything?

More Great Films to Watch

  • Globesity: Fat's New Frontier

    • Coca-Cola has single handily taken over the country of Mexican in just a few decades and seemly has become a major health problem.
  • The Future of Food

    • How the monolithic farming practice of growing just a few crops in gigantic corporate farms, is disastrous to your health.
  • King Corn

    • This amazing movie should convince everyone to stop eating corn, and why process foods are such a big threat to your health.
  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

    • How everyone can lose weight, improve their health, and even cure autoimmune disease with juicing.

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