An exploration of the truth behind all the Pink Ribbon campaigns. What? - Pink Ribbons, Inc.

What? - Pink Ribbons, Inc. 

This film is an exploration of the truth behind all the Pink Ribbon Cancer Awareness campaigns. They are not about preventing cancer. Pink Ribbon Cancer Awareness campaigns are always about the money.

An exploration of the truth behind all the Pink Ribbon campaigns.

The filmmakers felt that these Pink Ribbon Cancer Awareness campaigns existed to comfort and make people feel good. They are in effect a painless way to promote cancer research, by spending your money on the products of corporate sponsors.

It is too passive an approach to the very real problem of breast cancer. That accomplishes absolutely nothing other than make money for corporations, many of which are selling products that allegedly contain environmental breast cancer triggers.

Many women were interviewed about what it was like to battle breast cancer. During the course of this documentary, these same women vented many of their frustrations. Many of the comforting lies of these campaigns were exposed.

This documentary with a 2012 release date is neither inspirational, nor a film that will motivate you to work on your health. Pink Ribbons is an exposé on all the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns that are being promoted so much in the media by commercial companies, in order for them to sell more products.

It was rather disappointing to see that neither vitamin D nor selenium was mentioned in this documentary. To follow the logic of these cancer awareness campaigns, commercial companies cannot make a buck off promoting vitamin D. Therefore, you will never ever see a Pink Ribbon Cancer Awareness campaign mention vitamin D since they are always about the money and not about helping the public prevent cancer in the least.

The actual research being funded by these cancer awareness campaigns, as well as possible environmental breast cancer triggers are discussed near the end of this documentary.

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

As suggested in the film, for a women being treated for breast cancer having a pink teddy bear directed at her plight can indeed be perceived as offensive. One of the criticisms of this documentary is that it does NOT offer enough positive messages. On the other hand, the film could have been a lot more negative about how the money being raised for cancer research is spent. They did not dwell all that much on why most of the raised money was being spent to promote, yet, more Big Pharma chemotherapy.

Pink Ribbons, Inc is no longer available for free. The full length film is available for viewing online, on Netflix.

Towards the end of the film, it talked about the globalization of these Pink Ribbon Cancer Awareness campaigns. The film ends rather abruptly on an erroneous error message without any closing credits, with a compelling call to action.

If the Pink Ribbons, Inc. film stops playing, produces an error message, and says something like you cannot play outside the U.S.A., simply hover your mouse over the bottom of the video player a minute or two after minute 50 of the film and then click. The film should resume playing.

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