Everyone can dramatically improve their health with juicing. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

How Joe Cross regained his health, loss weight, and cured himself of an autoimmune skin disease with juicing. A motivational film that shows how everyone can dramatically improve his or her health.

Everyone can dramatically improve their health with juicing.

A successful 310-pound Australian business person, with a big beer belly, drives 3,000 miles across the United States on a 60-day juice fast, talking to the people that he meets during his travels. As you would expect, most of them are in denial about their own health problems. Early on, Joe manages to convince one normal weight female to go on a ten-day juice fast for health reasons.

This film won several awards in 2010: the Turning Point Award, the Best Documentary Award at the Iowa Independent Film Festival, and the Audience Choice Award at the Sonoma International Film Festival.

Joe's natural juice fast ends successfully half-way through the film, at which point he manages to have convinced Phil Staples, a 42-year-old, 429 pound extremely obese truck driver to go on his own 60-day juice fast. Unlike Joe, Phil stays in one place at a resort in order to get away from his old life. Another juicing success story, Phil manages to talk a health food store into promoting juice fasting, while he gets other people, including his overweight brother, interested in natural juicing.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is no longer available for free. The full length film is available for viewing online, on Hulu Plus.

Breville juicers are featured throughout this amazing film. The Breville juicer featured on the Natural Health Perspective appears to be the same model used by Joe Cross on his mobile journey. At about minute 53 of this film, Joe shows off his mobile Breville juicer setup that he has in the back of his SUV. Beyond being able to hook his juicer up to a car generator, Joe Cross obviously had to clean his Breville juicer several times a day, for 60-days, while he was on the road.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

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