The history of genetically modified crop production in America. The Future of Food

The Future of Food

This 2004 film, called the Future of Food, centers on the central question of what will be the future of our food. It is an exploration of the history of genetically modified crop production in North America.

The history of genetically modified crop production in America.

The primary focus of this film is on the relatively new monolithic farming practice of growing just a few crops in America, as well as in Canada and Mexico. It is a historical treatment of important events in the downfall of America's farming.

It presents the plight of farmers as Monsanto takes them to court, one by one. Either they end up being driven out of the business completely, or they become financial slaves to the GMO seed producers, thanks to our legal system that now allows life forms to be patented. Over time, this is how giant corporate farms have become dominant in America.

The industrialization of agriculture in America, monolithic agriculture, or the monoculture of growing just one species of crop in farms with thousand of acres has effectively killed off the biodiversity that existed in American farming practices, prior to the 20th century. While there used to be, around 7,000 different varieties of apples grown all over the country, now only a handful of different apple varieties are grown in just a few states. As a result, our country is headed for disaster and widespread famine should a crop blight ever strike.

The Future of Food

Crop failures could easily be avoided, if only our farmers were growing more varieties of crops. They are just another easily prophesied disaster waiting to happen. Isn't it funny how everything is fine in America, until disaster strikes? Then there are always more excuses and massive bailouts of the wrong doers made by our corrupt politicians.

The Future of Food is no longer available for free. The full length film is available for viewing online, on Netflix.

The very last minute of the Future of Food answers the question that it has asked throughout the entire film. An informed electorate that passes legal initiatives, as well as consumers who support organic and local farming practices where a large variety of different crops are grown on each farm are how we all can reclaim the future of food, in America.

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