Colon cleansing is not needed at all. Colon Cleanse and Body Detox

Colon Cleanse and Body Detox

Detoxifying the colon, colon irrigation, enemas, or colon cleansing is probably the biggest hoax and most common health scam being promoted in natural health today. Natural juicing in general promotes all the colon regularity that anyone needs.

Colon cleansing is not needed at all.

Health showmen, such as Paul Bragg, usually promote it simply as an easy way to make money off the gullible public.

The notion that you can improve upon Mother Nature by engaging in a routine colon cleanse can only be described as the height of arrogance. These colon-cleansing schemes try to equate your colon to pipes or plumbing that routinely should be cleaned of their accumulated waste. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Colon Cleansing Hoaxes Busted

Debunking the colon cleansing hoax of even the hoax busters.

Save yourself some money. Absolutely no commercial product of any type, whatsoever, and certainly NOT the product advertised at the end of our video selection, should be purchased at all. All anyone has to do, in order to detox naturally, is to consume a high fiber diet along with lots of water on a regular basis.

Your colon is NOT plumbing. The human digestive track has evolved over the eons by Mother Nature and operates best under the regularity that is provided by a healthy diet that includes plenty of water and fiber. The last thing that anyone should do is shut their digestive system down with the use of fasts, colonics, or colon cleansing enemas. Establishing regularity by consistently eating a healthy high-fiber diet, while drinking plenty of fluids, is the way to go.

Detox programs consist of purging the body of substance abuse, toxins, and waste in order to purge the body of all harmful substances and while replacing them with healthier food choices.

Colonics: Detoxifying with a Colon Cleansing

The ancient theory of autointoxication is just plain wrong. Rest assured there is not any undigested meat and other food buildup on the walls of your colon. Nor does mucus build up in your colon over time. There are no large quantities of stagnant, toxic, waste encrusting your colon walls. Toxins do NOT build up in your digestive track. If that notion were true, then you would have died long ago. And all life on earth would obviously have come to an end; since even fish have a long digestive tract that is NEVER ever cleaned out by periodic colon cleansing, colonics, or enemas.

Toxic waste is safely removed from your body when it is absorbed by fiber in your colon that is provided by a healthy whole food diet.

Natural juicing promotes fantastic colon health.

The Natural Health Perspective would like to point out that routine juicing promotes good colon health by naturally producing loose stools and more regularity. Drinking green cabbage juice is especially good for healing your digestive track. Drinking freshly made cabbage juice, three times during a single day, is the only form of colon cleansing endorsed by our site.


Body Detox

Anybody who claims that fecal mucoid plaque forms over time, hardens, and will prevent the proper absorption of nutrients from your diet is either seriously ignorant about human physiology, or is an out right charlatan after your money.

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