Healthy cabbage juice heals stomach ulcers. Healing with Juiced Cabbage

Healing with Juiced Cabbage

Healthy cabbage juice is reported to cure ulcers and other digestive problems.

Healthy cabbage juice heals stomach ulcers.

Economical Cabbage Juice

Green cabbage is certainly a perfect vegetable for juicing with its high water content.  Further, cabbage probably costs less per pound than anything else. Cleaning them is easy, because all you have to do is peel away a few outer layers of their leaves.

This big glass of cabbage juice, pictured immediately to the left, was made from one quarter of a head of green cabbage (i.e., one pound), and one giant carrot at a cost of approximately 60 cents.

On the down side, many people react very negatively to the taste of pure cabbage juice.  Thus, to tone down the strong taste of cabbage it is advisable to add a carrot or two and some celery to your juice cocktail.  Other favorite whole foods to add would include apples, and even lemon.  In addition, always drink less than 16 ounces of the stuff in one sitting.

Green Cabbage Juice

Mild Colon Cleanse

Drinking fresh cabbage juice is good for maintaining overall digestive health.

Drinking raw cabbage juice promotes regularity.

One quart of fresh raw cabbage juice daily, in four or five divided glasses can cure peptic ulcer as well as relieves symptoms of pain in 15 weeks, or less.[Cheney 1952]

Raw cabbage juice promotes good digestive health by speeding up the time that digested food takes to pass through your intestines. While a high fiber diet tends to cause people to clog up toilets, cabbage juice promotes loose stools with its mild colon cleansing effect.

The higher the concentration of green cabbage in your juice, the stronger the colonic effect will be.

Drink cabbage juice in moderation.

Cabbage, a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, offers many cancer fighting and other health benefits.  Unfortunately, what is hard on cancer is likewise toxic to your thyroid. Thus, under the principle of moderation, there is more reason than usual, to limit your intake of cabbage juice to just a few glasses a week.

In other words, going way overboard on juicing green cabbage, in at least people with a sensitive thyroid, could easily result in a depressed thyroid function that would ultimately have very diverse adverse effects upon your personal health, such as higher levels of cholesterol or unexplained weight gain. In addition, developing borderline hypothyroidism, and even hypothyroidism itself is entirely possible.

Nevertheless, when done in moderation, the regular consumption of green cabbage juice will improve upon your high-fiber diet, and delivers truly amazing results.

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