Natural health scams that do NOT make sense. Natural Health Scams

Natural Health Scams

All groups seriously interested in improving the health of the public should engage in a bit of self-regulation, from time to time.

Natural health scams that do NOT make sense.

Quite obviously, many people in the scientific community would claim that all of natural health is pseudoscientific quackery, while others would likewise claim that much of conventional medicine is fraudulent. The claim that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the United States is often bantered about.

Over the long history of natural healing practices many different alternative methods of treatment have been tried. It is finally time for us in the natural health field to discard and disassociate ourselves from a few treatment methods that over the years have been shown time and time again to be downright dangerous, likely to result in serious injury, or are just a ploy to make money off the public.

What the Natural Health Perspective is attempting to do is to exposed some of the worst of the most dangerous practices and money making scams being used by naturopathic doctors and various other groups and organizations within the field of natural health precisely because they are more about being an easy money making scheme than they are about actually being safe and effective at treating your health conditions.

  • Colloidal Silver

  • Colon Cleanse

Most of these natural health scams, if NOT all of them, have a long history that can be traced back to the quackery of allopathic medicine.

Natural Health Scams Exposed

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