Use of Colloidal silver is NOT safe. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Silver's wound healing properties have been known since the days of Hippocrates in ancient Greece.

There are better alternatives than colloidal silver for fighting infections.

Today some alternative medicine advocates are foolishly promoting colloidal silver for its antimicrobial properties.

Silver Hydrosol or Colloidal Silver

Let food be thy medicine, is the credo of natural health.

Silver is a heavy metal toxin. That alone should set off alarms in any health conscious individual.

Is the use of colloidal silver worth the risk of getting blue skin?

Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles bound to proteins in water that should NEVER ever be drunk or taken internally. Silver when exposed to light turns dark. Chronic internal use of colloidal silver can easily turn your skin a very permanent grayish-blue color, a skin condition known as argyria. Argyrosis, if it is an eye condition.

Why would anybody who claims to believe in the philosophies of natural health ever knowingly drink a solution of silver hydrosol? While colloidal silver is widely believed to contain antibiotic properties, it does NOT boost your natural immunity any more than prescription antibiotics, or drinking alcohol, would. By what rationalization would a person ever consider consuming silver particles suspended in water to be any healthier than an antibiotic? Likewise, by what criteria would you ever consider gargling with very expensive silver hydrosol, to be any more natural or healthier than the use of ordinary and very inexpensive hydrogen peroxide that is available from any drug store?

Surely, the objective of natural health is NOT to substitute the insanity of using antibiotics to kill germs, with another equally insane substance, called silver hydrosol or colloidal silver, which is nothing more than a toxic heavy metal.

Known side effects associated with the use of silver hydrosol include discoloration of your skin, fingers, nails and internal organs, as well as chills, nausea, fever, skin irritations, and kidney damage over time.

Colloidal silver is a total swindle.

The public has been warned. Web sites promoting colloidal silver or the newer so-called higher-tech version called silver hydrosol are engaging in a natural health scam. These sites are more interested in making money off a naive public, than they are about protecting your health.

The Natural Health Perspective recommended two 10,000 IU of Vitamin A pills a week approach will protect you from getting chronic infections, at a cost of approximately ten cents. This natural health approach with retinol supplementation actually costs less than taking vitamin D daily. It is even possible to meet your vitamin A needs through eating a healthy diet that contains lots of carotenes. Whereas the silver hydrosol or colloidal silver approach would obviously cost you considerably more since it is made out of expensive silver, and is a lot more toxic to your health because it is a metal rather than a vitamin.

Selling colloidal silver can be used as a marker to identify which alternative health sites are more interested in swindling you out of your money than they are about improving your health the natural health way with good nutrition.


Use Vitamin A, NOT Colloidal Silver

If we are talking about fighting infections then there are better and much safer alternatives to be using than colloidal silver. Topically, I would recommend the use of any widely available over-the-counter triple antibiotic ointment, after the wound has first been properly cleaned out with hydrogen peroxide or with rubbing alcohol / witch hazel.

Various over-the-counter eyewashes are available for eye related problems. These commercial products will often contain a very diluted solution of boric acid.


The Dangers of Colloidal Silver

Vitamin A, B-3, and D, along with the mineral zinc, are what your body uses to boost your natural immunity and to fight off infections.Your immune system is NEVER deficient in silver, but a zinc insufficiency results in an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases and infections. The same is true for Vitamins A, B-3, and D.

If you manage to catch an internal infection in its early stages that cannot be treated topically, such as an infected toe, then I would recommend a therapeutic dosage of Vitamin A. Your infection should respond favorably almost immediately to this Vitamin A treatment. Of course, you should always keep in mind that Vitamin A is toxic. When chronically taken to excess, as if it were candy, animal vitamin A, or retinol, can actually destroy your liver and, eventually kill you. On the other hand, such a one shot therapeutic use of vitamin A can put to an end a very bad persistent and nasty cough, in a matter of just a few days. While reckless chronic use of vitamin A can certainly be dangerous, dying from COPD and lung cancer is no joke either.

Of course, it is the position of the Natural Health Perspective that the reason that anybody ever gets an ear or toe infection to begin with, or any other type of an internal infection for that matter, is because they were seriously deficient in vitamin A to begin with. Also, do NOT over look the importance of zinc in fighting communicable diseases and infections.

At best, colloidal silver should almost never be used and then only for a few days. Chronic long-term use of colloidal silver is unsafe, if not outright dangerous. NEVER drink or take colloidal silver internally.

One of the most insane things that anyone could possible do is to attempt to make colloidal silver at home. Misinformation abounds on the Web. Make a mistake making colloidal silver and your skin will surely turn blue or worst.

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