Betty White, 91, ages gracefully by staying active and on the go, all the time. Betty White

Betty White

Betty White is a comedian, actor, and television personality who was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on January 17, 1922. At 91 years of age, Betty is known for her quick wit and successful aging.

Betty White Photo by Alan LightPhoto by Alan Light - The ageless Betty White poses at the Governor's Ball, 40th Emmy Awards, 8/28/1988.

White started her professional acting career in 1939. Throughout her six plus decades of professional work, Betty has managed to keep busy.

She was made famous as a television personality with her roles as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls. Who cannot associate this comedienne as a celebrity panelist who has always been appearing on game shows like To Tell the Truth, What's My Line, Password, and the Match Game? One of her latest professional accomplishments is being the oldest person to guest-host Saturday Night Live. Betty is, also, the the last surviving member of the four Golden Girls.

If her professional career, which she never retired from, is NOT keeping her busy enough, Betty White is also known for her work with animal charities and especially the Los Angeles Zoo. Her love of animals, provides Betty with a mission in life. As a animal activist many people assume that she is a vegetarian. If Betty is, she is NOT a strict one. There are plenty of rumors that she at least on television sets eats a junk food diet of red licorice, hot dogs, French fries and Diet Coke. Then there are photos floating around of Betty eating a hot dog. Rest assured, if Betty eats junk food; her body weight should tell you that she does so in moderation.

So, what can account for Betty White's successful aging? Is it simply a matter of her being blessed with good genes?

Obviously, there is more than one way to age successfully while enjoying life on a full time basis.

There are plenty of pictures and videos documenting her entire lifespan. So, we know that Betty was always able to keep her body weight under control. Having grown up in the twenties and thirty's she probably ate a fairly decent diet as a child, which was long before the current junk food craze and fast food establishments took over the restaurant landscape of the United States.


Betty White still active at 91

Betty has a happy cheerful disposition.

Betty White is a true Southern California girl who lives in Los Angles. Hence the vitamin D sunshine hypothesis could conceivably account for her successful aging

Nor, did Betty White ever drink alcohol heavily, or was ever known for drug use. Betty has a well known reputation for declining to do jokes about dope, which she takes very seriously.

Betty White showed very little, if any, signs of age related dementia on her recently aired Betty White’s 90th Birthday Party television Special. Her brain is intact, and her wit is just as quick as ever.

She was always busy throughout her entire life doing what she loved to do. Thus, Betty's obvious successful aging secret is active social engagement. Her mind has been active, as a successful comedian and television personality throughout her life. She is no couch potato living on her computer all day long.

Betty White on Facebook: “Now that I know what it is. I have to say that it sounds like a huge waste of time.”

Finally, her quick wit and successful aging could be due to her being an actively engaged television personality who had to periodically reinvent herself mentally throughout her long career every time she started a new television show.

Betty White's secret to successful aging is never retiring from life.

Always have a mission in your life, or reason for living. Be sure to enjoy each day by staying active doing what you love to do. And, you may just live long enough to find out that many things will naturally take care of themselves.

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