Michael Savage holds some rather strong views on natural health. Michael Savage on Natural Immunity

Michael Goes Savage on Boosting
Natural Immunity

Michael Savage holds some rather strong views on natural health.

Michael Savage holds conservative political views whose political philosophy can be summarized in three words: borders, language, and culture. As an ardent conservationist and an open-minded individualist, Michael holds some rather strong views on health.

He was born Michael Alan Weiner and academically is a man of science. Some sites report that Michael Savage holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in nutritional ethnomedicine, the study of the traditional medicines practiced by various primitive cultures. Savage himself claims that his PhD is in both epidemiology and nutritional sciences. In addition, Michael holds two different master's degrees in science: medical botany and medical anthropology from the University of Hawaii.

Dr. Savage is known for opposing illegal immigration to the United States, for strongly supporting the English-only movement, and likes to claim that that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Despite all the negative press on Michael Savage, he often humanizes many different topics on the air in his easy listening voice, such as his experiences with eating in restaurants and of course his pet dog, Teddy. Michael Savage on his radio talk show will even occasionally discuss his interest in health.

Here are a few sound bites of Michael nailing it on natural health related topics.

Naturally Boost Immunity with Retinol and Zinc

The Natural Health Perspective has its own formula for boosting natural immunity. While retinol and zinc are awesome at fighting infectious diseases, vitamin B-3 (i.e., nicotinamide) provides another powerful weapon. Michael's own complete immune boosting formula would probably include a number of different herbs. No matter how badly some people would describe the vitamin supplement business, the position of the Natural Health Perspective is that the herbal business is worst by far.

WARNING: the vitamin A dosage recommended by Michael Savage is intended only for people who are feeling sick, which should only be used for a couple of days. Continuous daily dosing with retinol at such high levels would be toxic to the liver.

Under his birth name, Michael Weiner has written many health oriented books.

  1. 1972 - Earth Medicine
  2. 1975 - Plant a Tree
  3. 1976 - Bugs in the Peanut Butter
  4. 1976 - Man's Useful Plants
  5. 1977 - The Taster's Guide to Beer
  6. 1981 - The Way of the Skeptical Nutritionist
  7. 1982 - The Art of Feeding Children Well
  8. 1983 - Nutrition Against Aging
  9. 1983 - Secrets of Fijian Medicine
  10. 1984 - Dr. Weiner's High Fiber Counter
  11. 1984 - Getting Off Cocaine
  12. 1984 - The People's Herbal
  13. 1986 - Maximum Immunity
  14. 1987 - Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer's
  15. 1989 - The Complete Book of Homeopathy
  16. 1990 - Weiner's Herbal: Guide to Herb Medicine
  17. 1992 - The Herbal Bible
  18. 1993 - Healing Children Naturally
  19. 1994 - Herbs That Heal
  20. 1995 - The Antioxidant Cookbook

Michael Savage - Lecture on Vitamin C and Immune System

Savage advocates stimulating your immune system with powder vitamin C along the lines of Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron. Michael especially believes in Robert Cathard's bowel tolerance hypothesis of vitamin C usage. Unfortunately, on the tail end of this video, Michael gets sidetracked onto a political tangent.

Savage on Health - Exposing the Cholesterol Myth

Michael Savage is positively against managing your cholesterol levels with prescription medication on a recreational basis.

Michael Savage on Health and Exercise

Finally, Michael Savage no longer believes in running to improve his health.


In conclusion, the Natural Health Perspective substantially agrees with most of Michael Savage's views on natural health.

All content posted on this article is satire, commentary, or is an opinion piece that is protected under our constitutional rights to Free Speech. Requests for correction may be submitted, for our consideration, by emailing this site.
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