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According to the SEM crowd, a good way to promote your blogs and Web sites is to start posting on Twitter. John H. Gohde actually is already on Twitter. And, without posting a single word John has obtained quite a following of very notable followers in the areas of SEO, SEM, SMO, and Googlers.

Look Who Is Watching

by John H. Gohde on October 19, 2008

As some people would lead you to believe, true SEO is out of date and is a total waste of time. To get results fast you are supposed to be concentrating on link building and black hat SEO techniques. A hot new area to concentrate on is called social media marketing or optimization.

John H. Gohde came across an interesting post a while back called: What are you optimizing for?. It was interesting enough for John to comment on. To which the post’s author Michael Martinez replied back.


Social Media Optimization

A major point of this post was that:

“search engine optimization is not about social media optimization. Social media optimization is another form of Web marketing …”
“But search engine optimization is not social media optimization. Social media optimization is a worthwhile pursuit — it’s a money-making industry — in its own right. It deserves to be recognized as a separate discipline in the Web Marketing Industry. People need to start calling themselves SMOs and stop calling themselves SEOs if their work really focuses on social media optimization.”

I could not agree more with the sentiment of this post.


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