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Surfing the Web is Dangerous

Do not be naive. Surfing the Web is dangerous.

Many people are unaware of just how dangerous being connected to the Internet and surfing the Web actually is. Others would rather just not think about it. And, worst yet do nothing until something goes seriously wrong on their computers. Doing nothing is planning to fail. Surfing the Web is dangerous. And, it is just a matter of time before something will go seriously wrong; unless you take active control of your computer.

Surfing the Internet is Dangerous

The dangers of surfing the Web range from mild annoyance to financial ruin and everything in between. Just by innocently surfing the Web your computer is collecting spyware, adware and malware. Worst yet, your computer runs the risk of being infected with a virus, worm, or a trojan horse. As time goes on your computer will increasingly suffer. It will slow down. Your computer will become irritating to use and even may self destruct if you pretend that bad things only happen to the other guy.

Stop Being Naive

The first step to actively controlling your computer is to stop trusting everything and everybody on the Internet. Everybody on the Web is either trying to sell you something or otherwise take advantage of naive surfers. So the first step is to stop being a victim by taking control of your computer while you surf the Web. Best yet, you can radically increase the online security of your computer for FREE.

Microsoft Software

Most surfers on the Web are using an IBM PC running Microsoft Windows. Every wise surfer should stop using Microsoft office software. Either give up entirely or stop being dependent upon the email, address book, Web browser, and messenger software that came with your Microsoft operating system.

Clean Up Your Computer

More than likely, you have been surfing the Web for quiite a while totally unprotected. So, the next step is to clean up the damage already done to your computer. This means deleting all temporary Internet files as well as cookies. Then you should run software that will check your computer for possible Internet inflected damage, like hidden spyware. As well as run software that is designed to fix any problems detected on your computer.

Prevent Problems in the Future

At the very least, you should be running software that will prevent problems like windows popping open all over your computer screen. The use of a firewall is not an option, but a requirement. A firewall will notify you when any suspicious activity is taking place while you are surfing the Web.

Surfing the Web is Dangerous.





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