The results of this research study on prostate cancer, vitamin E, and selenium were rigged. Prostate Cancer - Vitamin E & Selenium

Pro-Science organizations inflict yet another vitamin scare upon men with Prostate Cancer

Coming from the Journal of the National Institute of Cancer makes this news story pretty much laughable. Are there market forces that promote expensive prescription medications over inexpensive vitamins? You better believe it!

The results of this research study on prostate cancer, vitamin E, and selenium were rigged.

If any organization has a vested interest in proving that vitamin supplements are bad for your health, the National Institute of Cancer does. After all, if these people ever found the cure for cancer, they would end up putting themselves out of business.

Funny how the United States of America was able to put man on the moon in less than 10 years, but the National Institute of Cancer after decades of research has yet to find a cure for cancer, or even anything that might actually put a dent in deaths? Could it have anything to do with a rather obvious conflict of interest?


Prostate Cancer - Vitamin E & Selenium

The results of this study were based upon data from the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention SELECT trial, which was a RCT trial that involved more than 35,000 men. The only challenge with this study would be taking the time to try to figure out how these researchers managed to rigged their research results.

Nevertheless, this study found that men who supplemented with high dosages of both vitamin E and selenium had a 17% increased risk of prostate cancer. The risk jumped to 91 percent among men with already high selenium levels, or in other words nearly doubled the risk for high-grade prostate cancer.[Kristal 2014]

Pro-Science organizations once again try to inflict yet another vitamin scare upon men with vitamin E and selenium.

Our featured video shown to the left did an excellent job of exposing what was precisely wrong with this particular research study. In fact, I would dare say that this video utterly destroyed the methodology used in this SELECT cancer trial research study.

Apparently, these researchers consider 200 mcg of selenium and 400 IU of vitamin E a day, high dosage.

The claim of pro-science organizations that nutritional supplements offer no known benefits, only risks, is a rather obvious tip off that the results of this research study were rigged. The second tip comes from the fact that it was published in the the Journal of the National Institute of Cancer.


In conclusion, the world is gray rather than black and white. What reduces your risk for cancer in general could conceivably increase the risk for specific kinds of cancer.

Other research has shown so many good things about selenium that the Natural Health Perspective has upgraded it from a vitamin D cofactor to an independent risk factor for cancer, in general. In addition, selenium can help protect the adult human brain from the negatives of methylmercury contained in fish.

Here is a great health tip for men. Supplement with additional magnesium. Magnesium has been shown to protect men against high-grade prostate cancer.[Dai 2011] In addition to the 400 mg that you are currently taking along with calcium to prevent osteoporosis each day, I would take 100 mg of magnesium citrate every time that you dose with vitamin C, or once with each meal and at bed time. Extra dosing with magnesium would benefit both men and women since it globally reduces inflammation as well as naturally lowers anxiety levels.

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